Better bulbs for traffic light

22 June 2010


The case that you have reported has been recorded in our system, and the case number is as stated below.

Case Number: 20100622-008

Reported Matter(s) :

The bulbs of the ‘horizontal’ traffic lights at Jalan Piasau/Jalan Piasau Utara 1 are not bright enough after it was replaced early June 2010.

Please replace those bulbs with a brighter one asap.

File DSC09595.JPG – showing RED lights.
File DSC09597.JPG – showing GREEN lights

Thank you.

James Joshua

A check this morning saw the bulbs have been replaced and an additional panel of lights installed at the location. thanks the gov’t agencies for their prompt action.

2 thoughts on “Better bulbs for traffic light”

    1. Those are the ones with cheaper solutions. Some have not taken off the ground yet. E.g. seeking the construction of overhead pedestrian bridge at Boulevard, Mosjaya and Pujut 2 (where the students used to cross the road). Streetlightings, speed breakers near your house. Hehehee.. the gov nadai duit bah.. so have to wait nganti bisi beri perintah besai lui.

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