The Tiger of Heineken

Sibu – the Swan City is expecting a crowd during the coming nomination day on 8th May. Sibu will be having a parliamentary by-election following the death of YB Datuk Robert Lau last month.

The by-election may see a three-corner fight between the DAP, SUPP (BN) and an independent candidate. In general, the Chinese, who made up a bigger percentage of the voters are more aware of the presence of the DAP and the Barisan Nasional in Sibu, considering its long history in Sarawak.

The other component of Pakatan Rakyat may become the spoiler on DAP’s chance of winning this election. Generally, the Chinese in Sibu, will not favour the presence of Parti KeAdilan Rakyat (PKR).

Among the coffee shop talks.. “ could they (PKR) missed the flight to Sibu during the announcement of their (PR) candidacy! They can even also missed us in the future. Such a simple time management, they can’t show us.”

The influence of PAS in Sibu is not significant enough to cause a damage despite their recent press statement of capturing Sarawak in the coming election.

Sarawak National Party (SNAP) may get a little attention in the Iban areas and this by-election may also become their testing ground for the coming Sarawak state election. Will the potential candidates from SNAP (for the State election) make an impact in convincing the Iban voters to vote for DAP.. we will see the result this 16th May.

As of today the Barisan Nasional have made all their necessary logistics into Sibu. For the SUPP, you better wake up early and look around, because it is your ball and your field. Keep your internal clan issues at bay for the time being.

For the DAP, the elder voters may not be on Facebook or even reading this post, so, it is still the traditional handshake way to capture the hearts of the Chinese in town. For the young Chinese voters, will it be against the will of their parents to see them vote for the opposition? Furthermore, most of them are leaving outside Sibu, carrying their new address in their MyKad.

The Tiger of Heineken – it doesn’t matter what brand or taste, the effect is almost the same – palau! Don’t drink and Vote!

Updates: 12.40pm

Just over three hours after I posted this post, a press conference has held by the SNAP Deputy President in Kuching. Here is an extract from

Suspended, Sarawak National Party (SNAP) deputy president, Ting Ling Kiew is calling all the party member to support BN in Bandar Sibu be election.

Ting who claimed that he is still SNAP deputy president said his sacking was not according to procedure.

He was speaking in a press conference in Kuching today.

SNAP on April 6 2009, announced that has suspended the membership of its deputy president Ting Ling Kiew for a “very irritating and embarrassing press statement supporting Barisan Nasional candidate, Malcom Mussen Lamoh, in the Batang Ai by-election and putting the party into ridicule and disrepute”.

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