Sarawak Tribune is back with a “NEW”

KUCHING: The past paved the way to the present which, in turn, is the foundation on which our future is built.

And, that’s why we are reviving an old name, one associated with this blessed land of ours since the end of the War in 1945.

Tribune was the name of a newspaper that became synonymous with Sarawak, a paper owned by Sarawakians, run by Sarawakians for Sarawakians.

Through thick and thin, in dark days and in fair weather, it was there. That’s a fundamental truth that remains despite changes in ownership and personnel over the decades.

There’s no denying or escaping the past, not that we want to. History is never erased by a mere change in name or some creative rewriting.

Today, the prefix “The New” signifies a fresh beginning and replaces Eastern Times (like it did the old Tribune), which had its purpose in life, born as it were from a blot in the paper’s history. There’s no running away from the fact that the old Tribune was suspended in 2006 as a result of an error of judgment on our part.

The past is the past. We moved on. We had to, there was too much at stake, what with changes coming fast and furious in the state and, indeed, the nation and the rest of the world.

Our continued survival requires a change in mindset and attitude. As a newspaper, our role and responsibility is to accompany you, the people of Sarawak, as we prepare for the change that is coming, whether we welcome it or not, whether we are ready or not.

Informing, educating and entertaining – these are the basic traits this newspaper must continue to develop, but with the flair and urgency that today’s reality demands.

Even as we strengthen our internal workings, we have changes in form and substance lined up for you in the New Sarawak Tribune.

Dear Readers, this is our pledge to you. We will improve as we go along, by monitoring feedback from you. What you like, what you don’t, your concerns, hopes and aspirations, let us know, and we will do whatever is necessary to meet your needs and wants.

We will give you a forum to interact with us and fellow readers through letters, e-mail and even the simple phone call. We will listen. We will help you to make good choices. We will play our role as a partner in the Sarawak’s growth and development.

Being a watchdog for public interest is a role we cannot and will not forgo because we believe that being critical is not being disloyal. As long as we get our facts and information right, that is. That’s our responsibility, our sacred duty.

What we aspire to become, what we plan to achieve, these will not happen overnight. It will take time and effort, which we are prepared to put in.

We continue to employ and train more Sarawakians to make this newspaper and you proud – proud to be Sarawakian, proud to be Malaysian.

Help us to help you and together we can grow and have the sense of fulfilment we all yearn for.

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JAMESJG.COM says: I have high hope on the NEW Sarawak Tribune based on their slogan “a paper owned by Sarawakians, run by Sarawakians for Sarawakians” but it was a little let down because 1. I was hoping for an improvement in their fonts family (yepp.. YB Larry Sng, it is still me.. I love to read papers with nice fonts, especially the headings.) It is still fresh in my memories of the many meetings that I attended on font selection for the Malaysian Today before. From Lester Melanyi, to Patrick Yeoh, to Desmond Davidson, and to the new team headed by Jessie Sng (the new Malaysian Today Sports tabloid). It seem Sarawakians do not vote to invest on fonts but rather scout the net for free ones.

2. The Editorial still could not see the power of having a well-authored web version. We’re back, but the web editorial is still physically not there! Upon checking their website today, only two articles were posted and RSS feed from Malaysian Insider!

Anywhere, it is just Day 1 for the NEW Sarawak Tribune, and we hope the few faces on the front page today could pay attention to readers’ feedback.

Happy 5th Birthday to Miri City

Thank You to the Honourable Mayor Lai on answering my queries on the implementation of the LED-powered street lightings for Miri.

4 thoughts on “Sarawak Tribune is back with a “NEW””

  1. I asked the same question about why not go for tabloid size to Diang yesterday (CEO of NST). He said, he wants ppl to be familiar with an old face first before making new changes. Like you, i feeel that more can be done.

  2. Its too late; the Malaysian Media had already moved forward & fast.

    Swk Tribune will/will not maybe just another BN propaganda it try to revive within Sarawakian.

    Just look at its news coverage. The online page & news is not up well running & will always run
    Same goes as Borneo-Post; the paper doesn’t cover much of Miri issues or socio economy; it will just be for *rubbish* news that doesn’t have quality.

    The whole cycle news isn’t transparent; the journalism isnt given the chance to speak up; so what ever speaking against will always be shut out by BN regime..

    Additional; what do these paper do better for Swkian? Brain wash.That is how Fail State our media in Sarawak is.
    Will these papers stir any constructive thinking within Swkian people? or will it be another toilet papers?

    Its easier to claim to be the paper for Malaysian or 1 malaysia propaganda; but will it deliver what it claim to be?

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