Marudi Breakaway

The weekend was spent touring Marudi bazaar. It has been 28 years since my last visit to Marudi. Equipped with our cameras, Celcom broadband (yuppp.. the 3G service is excellent there), Digi internet (only running on GPRS) and maxis postpaid, we cruise our way upriver on the mighty Baram River. Here are some of my favourite shots.

I was flattered by the remarks by Sungai Brit folks. Ahh.. Uchu Keling brings water (rain) to the village! Hahahaa.. After 28 years I am saddened by the fact that majority of the longhouses in Marudi have yet to receive clean piped water from the government. Luckily it rain heavily late afternoon to cool down the heat and to supply us with free water.

More at my Facebook photo album.

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