Land mines disposal unit at work

Anything about Native Customary Land (NCL), it is categorized as a land mine in Sarawak. NCL issues are not favorable to the politicians as far as their career is concern. Most of our representatives will avoid question on these issues – it is sensitive to them, and if they answer it, it will be a general statement.

The next couple of months we will be reading news about the new concept for longhouses, and obviously, YB Datuk Amar Abang Johari and YB Dato Sri Douglas Ugah are in the mines disposal unit send by the government to defuse these land mines so that the candidates for the coming state election will have a safe and clear path to victory. So much internal politicking (I guess so)..

Apa kata you tek? U salah petik bom depan kena, salah toleh bom kiri kena.. tangar ajak YB dua orang ya.. kedak mine disposal unit. Tapi nei tau juak.. jangan jangan boleh jadi KM dan Timbalan KM yang baru. Sik impossible kan? Ewaahhh!

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