John’s 16th birthday dinner

We celebrated John’s 16th birthday at Parkcity Everly’s Melinau Terrace last night. Here are some photos of the small family dinner.

Thank you to the management of Parkcity for the slice.. The chocolate cake was great!

Now here comes everyone’s favourite dish… oyster for my missus (berapa iti semua?)

Grilled salmon for me, with tartar sauce. Yummmy! Thanks to fella from Kemidan, Awik who prepared it for me.

John’s favourite was the sushi corner.

I couldn’t resist this grilled prawn and of course fried kway teow! Thanks to Joshua for the excellent kway teow.

Overall, it was a great food outing. Worth the money (RM48++ per adult and RM22++ per child). Nevertheless, diners will appreciate another air-cond unit at the Non-smoking area. It can be a little warmer at that corner (we chose the non-smoking area that evening).

And here are a few shots at the lobby.. Happy 16th Birthday to John Kamar and it is time to concentrate on your studies!

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    1. Puteri, yes, my two boys and only daughter, Cheryl Empenai.

      DJ, thanks for the b’day wish. The first without beer or alcohol ;)

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