Good income from rubber

This photo was taken during my overnight trip to Marudi recently. I was surprised to note this two Indonesians are still at work, processing their rubber latex at 5pm in the evening. Normally for the Ibans, they would have completed the job by 10am and sleep through the afternoon.

At random these Indonesians are earning an average income of RM220 per day (RM6,600/mth) by tapping rubber trees belonging to the Dayak! Well of course the sales are divided on a ratio of 40-60, the later share goes to the rubber tappers.

Why can’t the Dayak adopt the work culture of these Indonesians rubber tapper? Tepok dada tanya sendiri! Jangan bilang gomen tak tolong, tapi sendiri juga mauk kerja keras sikit. Kalu pendatang boleh buat, kenapa sendiri tak boleh?

4 thoughts on “Good income from rubber”

  1. You mean bala Indon diatu nemu bekuli ba kebun getah kitai Iban? Kiraka nyadi landlord aja meh kitaii Iban diatu!

    *Melut mata aku ninga!*

    1. Puteri, yes. The landlord gets 40% from the sales. Kitai Iban rindu ngambi sekeping, tang sida Indonesians, datai ke lemai ngambi 70-80Kg!

  2. It would be much profitable if they had used the afternoon sleeping hours to work, and earn the full amount of RM220/day. Much better than any other businesses around today!

  3. Alex, that is the issue. But, most longhouse today are being occupied by the elders. The young Dayaks are mostly working in the urban areas.

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