Sepupok patiently waiting for a piece of the RM3.4billion

This photos will give us a better explanation of what the rakyat would expect from the RM3.4billion fund announced by our YAB Prime Minister recently. Despite being a stronghold area of the Barisan Nasional, and a merely 4.5km from Batu Niah Bazaar, where a water treatment plant is located, the rakyat from Skim Sepupok has yet to get their share of clean and treated water supply. Will it become a reality by the end of 2012?

The school above is well connected to the power grid, but the water problem is just unbearable, especially during this dry season. Imagine the students’ kidney having to filter all that….!

This is where the students’ get their water supply! Read more at Utusan Borneo.

The nearest source of water could be this Sungai Sebatu.

And the photo below is the “upgraded” part of Sungai Sebatu. It is also the bathing place for the residents of Tr. Ngindang.

A photo of Tr. Ngindang’s longhouse.

We leave it to YAB Prime Minister to change the scene of this pipe within the next three years.

And, to the YBs concerned, please do not wait for the rakyat to beg and wait, because it is your duties to deliver. The Tuai Rumah is not educated enough to write a good and impressive formal letter to ask for water supply. It is good enough to request verbally during randau sessions and for the YBs office to follow up with formal letters and seek funding from the Federal agencies.

We can see it, and we must act on it!

4 thoughts on “Sepupok patiently waiting for a piece of the RM3.4billion”

  1. This is an eye opener.Yr pics tell the whole story.I hope piped water supply reaches the area soon.After so many yrs of independence one would expect at least the most basic of facilities to b enjoyed by the rakyat.

    This is not too remote an area.It shouldnt cost that much.

  2. The residents first moved to the area in 1974. They originated from Mukah in the Selangau District. That was 36 years ago. It has been a BN area all the way until today.

    Is it the government? Was it the people’s representative? Was it the agencies? Obviously the breakdown in teamwork among the agencies and the people’s representative is there to be seen.

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