Miri Shoreline

This photo was taken during RumahDayak.com’s fishing trip recently.

Whose mansion is this?

The building at the background is the new General Operations Force apartment and Miri Traffic Police HQ.

Taman Selera and at the hill background is Taman Bumiko.

Marina Bay with Brighton Apartment behind it.

Wisma Pelita Tunku (left), Petroleum Science Museum (hill top) and SIB Church Miri (right).

Tambak, Miri Peninsular.

Kampung Dagang Miri with Imperial Hotel at the right.

Miri River mouth. And the following are photos of Kampung Dagang riverine.

The photo below is the Muslim cemetery at Kampung Sungai Baong. At the background is the Miri Indoor Stadium.

Next to the Muslim cemetery is the Chinese cemetery. Even in the other world there is racial and religious harmony.

And finally, if you are interested to master this vessel, check out Akademi Laut Malaysia for their next intake.

4 thoughts on “Miri Shoreline”

  1. nice pictures. hehehe. been to miri a few times. And i live in Miri when i was primary one till two. Then my parent got transfered back to Kuching. hehehe. a very nice and happening city

  2. wow, never seen miri from this angle before.. they should really develop the river properly and at least market it as a new tourism product, like the kuching waterfront.. river cruises and that sort of thing.. anyways, enjoyed your photos.. put up some more pics of miri! it has been years since i last went back..

    1. Hi Bill, I have verbally proposed to YB Andy on the possibility of developing or transforming the Miri peninsular (after the golf course) into a tourist attraction – sea view and to have a seafood centre there.

      For a river cruise, the path will be too crowded and dangerous to the riverine residents.


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