The party grassroots need clean water not politics

Two politicians were asked to visit all the constituencies and seek the views of the grassroots supporters on the proposed merger of the two Dayak parties in Sarawak. Well, if these politicians asked their branch leaders, of course, we know the answer.

However, a random quick phone call among the real grassroots revealed that they are angry (and disappointed) with this politicians who seem to be more interested in politicking then to service the rakyat. What the grassroots really want is for them to deliver the long overdue roads, water (and now Northern Sarawak is facing water shortage) and electricity. That should be their TOP PRIORITY and not to fight for positions in the party. What is the use of those positions if the YBs can’t serve the rakyat?

One voter in Bakong said, “Ka ke nama iya penudok ba parti nya? Deh jalai (referring to the Beluru-Lapok Road) ke lungau nya enda ulih diputar ke iya. Ai beresi (referring to a few water supply research carried out in Bakong a few years back) enda ulih diaduka.. engka ke baya iya mati penudok parti nya ila!

Now that is the real grassroots view – take it, they are not interested and couldn’t be bother about all this merger exercise when the needs of the rakyat are not being looked into.

Another voter from Ulu Teru added, “..orang berebut ke pemansang, sida berebut ke ka nyadi Secretary General. Cukup.. cukuppp pengawa tak nyelai ari enggi urang bukai. Kati ke tau nyadi pengari rakyat enti bakanya?

We will not reveal this voters’ name but there is no need to go all around Sarawak to find out if the grassroots are really into merging. Just deliver the RM3.4 billion larrrr YB YB YB yang dikasihi sekalian. That is your real task and targets for the rakyat.

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