Thank you for your wishes and kind words on my 42nd birthday

How adorable it was to receive a pink strawberry flavored cake with two ultra-man from my kids, nieces and nephews on the occasion of my 42nd birthday last night.

Earlier in the evening, we had a small family dinner at the New Tanjong Seafood, together with my mother-in-law who shares the same birthday with me. She is 66 and received a cheese cake from us.

The dinner menu was a collective agreement by all members of the family and here was their choice. John ordered fried clam with lemon grass and oyster sauce.

Charles ordered fried changkok manis with egg.

Cheryl ordered her favorite hot plate Japanese tofu.

I ordered the ambal cooked with curry.

And, Chak-Lut ordered the fish head curry together with bean curd with salted vegetable soup.

And here are some of the photos taken during the simple birthday dinner.

I would like to thanks the following people who have sent me birthday messages and sms. It was so thoughtful and may God bless you and your family, too.

A BIG THANK YOU goes to YB Datuk Rohani Abdul Karim, YB Nancy Shukri, Desmond Jerukan, Jacqueline Selaka, Vic Douglas, Tonny Thomas, Teresa Cha, Doris Bana, Geoffrey Singgon, Ai Ling Shea, Edward Andrew Luak, Abd Hakim Bujang, Joyce Boanerges Entika, Dennis Wong, Tommy Rajesh, Campbell Apau, Basil, Watt Michael, Eckline Tait, Jane Barandi, Felix Tan, Sim Poh Giap, Peter Srang, Robiah Tani, Leighton Manjah, Jonathan Chia, Sally Loh, Cathy Mitz, William Nyipa, Amy Shay, Stephen Dass, Irwon Msator, Seli M Sr, Emelyn Emmanuelle, Apai Bujang, Andrew Bukoh, Andrew Chin, Muhd Imran Abdullah, Dniel Clement, Catherine Bungan Sigau, Sudan Ajang, Jacqueline Emerentiana, Mathew Abu, Maxclay Bety, Rose Bennet, Royer Wan, Konos Jenal, Mervyn Tajem, Rom Kulleh, Zara Angel Rosenthal, Jenn Berinau, King Kawi, Stephen Mubok, Mira Nicholl, Rose Ngau, Juliana Lee, Qistine Peter, Sagaraptor Wat, Qeeyan Tungku, Diana Corazon Blikau, Lenny Samat, Jenny Jeli, Sahrein Maloh, Nelson Awal, Shirley David, Mike Mjc, Andrew Benidictus, Dinah Samuel, Irene Ragai, Cesc Isham Hassan, Unjil Edward Tawi, Hadrian N Awell, Reganold Jali, Teresa Tugang, Itam Telajan, Venitia Samuel, Lily Eleanor Spegie, Grace Asong Sigau, Julie JNuing, Bobby Dickson Forster, Samantha Ong, Leslley Kalom, Reynold Presley, Stephen Dinggai, Peter Saban, Leman Sumong, Lina Rema, Elizabeth Bibi, John Adam Gilbert, Michael Akien, Jimmy Siden, Johnny Teleson, Ronstan Nelian Anthony, Tracee Hollis, ndu_semada, Luvrynrungguensingangel_LINA, Evolution8, Langgu Entekaibujang timpang, menaul^lapar, Henry D’kgb, amin, Futurist, Jos10, 4G93T, Apai Yus, Dom Unggun, dlily, mKay, Tuan Lokong

THANK YOU also goes to my brothers Roland Joshua (Singapore), Augustine Joshua (Kuching) and sister Wilhelmina Guang Epps (Calvert, Texas) and Mamay Chara for your messages.

Not forgetting to my lovely wife, Chak Lut for all her support throughout the 17 years of marriage, and my sons, John and Charles and my only daughter Cheryl Empenai for making my days a challenging one, which are full of fun, too, being a father.

Loves, hugs and kisses from..
James Joshua

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  1. The best birthday present that anyone could get is a family that is close knit and support each other through thick and thin…

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