Scully children gets better shelter and its members visited the Scully children yesterday morning. The visit was made to hand over building material for the Scully to replace their wall and to build a toilet. Other kitchen items were also given away.

The simple ceremony was witness by YB Aidan Wing, who is also the ADUN for Lambir, and Stephen Dinggai, who represented the C12 Golfers’ Group.

The charity drive managed to collect over RM3,000 for the purchase of various building material and other items. would like to thank all the members who have generously donated to our drive to build a home for the homeless Scully children in Lambir. Heartfelt appreciation also goes to the Methodist and SIB churches who have render their assistance to the family concern. Special thanks also goes to YB Aidan Wing, YB Andy Chia, Stephen Dinggai (C12 Golfers), Vernon Kedit, John Nelson and his ACERGY Crews, Pemancha Wilson Siang Lim, and semua bala nembiak Tr. Linggie Blaja who have gave us the needed support to make this drive a success.

Seen above, I took the opportunity to brief our YB Aidan Wing on’s various community services that has been done in the past. We are happy to be able to work with the various government agencies in addressing the rakyat’s problem.

Urban Renewal Center welcomes the government initiative to transform Lambir into a new residential and commercial centre under Urban Renewal Centre project. I was informed by YB Aidan that the government will be upgrading the Lambir road leading to the Lambir cemeteries, and the road will also link Lambir with Kampong Lusut, as well as nearby Taman Tunku and Taman Jelita. The upgrading work cost RM16 million and will be implement soon.

A new stadium will also be constructed and it will supplement Lambir being one of the urban renewal centre.

Tamu Kpg. Lusut

YB Aidan also told me that the government will be constructing a tamu at Kampung Lusut and also a mini “rumah asap” for the panggang lovers… With the construction of this tamu, it will stimulate the economic status of the surrounding areas and especially for the resident of Kg. Lusut, where they can sell their jungle product and fruits. members are committed to assist the various agencies in addressing the rakyat’s problem.

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