Klinik 1Malaysia, Taman Tunku runs on low budget

Manned by only one medical assistant, a nurse and one attendant, Klinik Komuniti 1Malaysia was officially opened by YB Tuan Haji Ahmad Lai, the Member of Parliament for Sebuti this afternoon.

Despite the limited budget from the federal government, the resident of Taman Tunku and its surrounding are generally pleased with the opening of the clinic.

YB Aidan Wing who spoked at the function told us that it would cost the patient RM6.80 for a return trip to the Polyclinic in town. Hence, with the opening of Klinik 1Malaysia, it will definitely save and benefits the lower income group, who are mostly from the nearby village of Kpg. Lusut.

YB Tuan Haji Ahmad Lai urged the people to continue supporting the Barisan Nasional in order to benefit from the various development plan that will be implemented in his area.

I was personally told that, the government is seriously identifying a suitable site for the Klinik Kesihatan Ibu dan Anak and probably a dental clinic.

jamesjg.com thank the government for the quick implementation of this clinic, since it was brought up last year, following the relocation of the Klinik Kesihatan Ibu dan Anak to a shoplot in town.

Residents may get light treatment there for as low as RM1 per treatment, RM15 for foreigners and free for children.  We hope the medical department could seek more funding and staff to manned the clinic, as three staff is sure not enough. I was told by an officer that yesterday the three staff attended to 130 patients from 10am Р10pm. It also mean, those staff could have skipped their meals!

Be thankful and for those who can afford to pay, kindly proceed to a private clinic, as the main objective of setting up this clinic is for the benefit of the lower income group, and hence, is not a competitor to the nearby private clinics.

3 thoughts on “Klinik 1Malaysia, Taman Tunku runs on low budget”

    1. Well, at least it helps the lower income group from those surrounding areas. Pama ga savings sida by not going to Miri for treatment of flu, cough, etc. We can only hope that the Federal gov’t would provide more fund for the clinics, and, more staff.

  1. Yesterday i went to klinik 1 malaysia at a shop lot in taman tunku miri to get atreatment for my kids because of flu. It was really impresive coz it can provide to nearly 5k plus residents live in this residential area. So, no need to take a time to go to hospital or clinic in town that situated more than 15 km away from this housing park. Thankx a lot to our bn government for providing us the fasalities. But unluckily, i felt a little bit disappointed with the servis that are given by the staff at this clinic. I think that something need to be done to change the attitude of the staff at this clinic especially the staf wbo work on a duty at the registration counter and farmacy counter because the a little bit rude. From my observasion, it seem that they think that they are working from a government site and peoples are looking for them to get a treatment, they very rude.

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