4 things a Yang Berhormat need to take note

These four things that a Yang Berhormat (referring to the title that our State Assemblymen and Member of Parliament automatically gain after winning an election) should take note is entirely my personal opinion; and has nothing to do with any particular political party or person.

1. Reduce the golfing – it appears that there are so much free time and luxury. To the poor rakyat, golf is a rich man’s game.

2. Reduce the karaoke – if they can reduce this activity, I am sure they’ll be more healthy. Less smoke, less sleepless nights, less beer and alcohol.

3. Avoid woman besides those in the family. Well, do I need to elaborate more?

4. Avoid visiting the constituency in large entourage; and in big luxury cars. It will be sufficient to use government vehicles. If they have personal cars, just leave it at home for family use. During this visits, just stick to mineral water, simple cup of coffee or tea and a few biscuits. Save cost and time (on the preparation by the villagers).

The election is coming soon and hence the rakyat do appreciate a little modesty on the lifestyle and spending.

For those who wish to join the rank of the Yang Berhormat, it is just a little late for you to start servicing the rakyat. It should be done right after the last State Election, just when the rakyat are back fresh from poll and still having the list of projects that they want to be delivered to them.

If you start now, well.. you will looked upon as a season candidate – timbul masa pilihanraya, and a coffee shop politician after the poll.

Rilek lahh pok, it is only my opinion, sik ada sangkut paut ngan yang hidup atau yang udah parai.

2 thoughts on “4 things a Yang Berhormat need to take note”

  1. Anang Mayuh jako nuan . Legik ngundi Barisan Nadai nasional Nuan.
    Kitai sama SPDP anang munyiiiii…shhhhhh selamat gawai ooohh haaa.

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