2010 is the time to deliver

Still a bumpy final farewell

First, the not so good news.. The proposal to upgrade the road leading to the various cemeteries in Lambir was not submitted by our District Office to the ICU unit of the Prime Minister’s Dept. Nevertheless, the District Office gave assurance that they do have a budget for the proposal. YB Ahmad Lai will follow up with the District Officer.

Fine tuning

The proposal for a second link road from Taman Tunku/Taman Jelita to the main road/Airport Road is already in YB Ahmad Lai’s office and is under review.

Klinik 1Malaysia

Soon the residents of Taman Tunku will enjoy the “almost free” medical services near their doorstep with the opening of Klinik 1Malaysia next to a gif shop or nearby Submarine 3. The opening of the clinic is indeed a relief to the growing population of Miri, especially those coming from Taman Tunku, Upper Riam and Lambir.

Thank you to YB Ahmad Lai and Lukanisman Awang Sauni for the action and update to jamesjg.com and the residents of Taman Tunku/Taman Jelita.

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  1. Ngarapka mayuh projek ke udah diperambu ba lumpar Malaysia ke tu ulih digaga sereta tembu ngambika pengelantang bala rayat.

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