Indai Rajis

If you are looking for a great Iban home cooked meal, Pinara Sama-Sama is a great place to dine.


Owned by an Iban lady, and best known as Kedai Indai Rajis in Bintulu, it serves various ethnic Iban food. With her 20 years of experience in Iban-style cooking, Indai Rajis is indeed a place that you need to pay a visit.


The restaurant spot a simple coffee shop style and Indai Rajis claimed that their barbecue ikan keli is a favourite dish among happy hours patron.

Ethnic Iban dishes





We hope to see a better interior design of the place in the future which will add the colors to their fantastic ethnic Iban cooking.


To find your way to Indai Rajis, use your Google Map and point to Latitude 3°14’10.61″N and Longitude 113° 5’21.64″E in Bintulu.


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  1. hmm.. indai ajis. this is where i spend every evening during my summer hols. id jog from the MLNG housing estate here and have a puff and drinks before walking back home.i miss home so much.

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