Parti Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia

At 5pm today, the newly registered Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia (PRM) party will be officially announce in Kuching, Sarawak. (hahaa.. don’t ask me where about the venue is.. the media in Kuching is supposed to know by now).

For now, it looks like the Home Ministry is in the mood of giving quick approval on formation of political parties in Malaysia.

What shall we call it in English? Malaysia People’s Alliance Party? Will it be successful in confusing the Pakatan Rakyat supporters with its name? So much question.. we’ll just have to wait la bro.. (in due time)!

The better question to ask.. who is the rich Sarawakian who is behind this party; financially? Wait for the 5pm breaking news… right here!

2 thoughts on “Parti Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia”

  1. Nyu runtuh ujan nganti breaking news.. rupa rupa nya.. zero! Kati ka minta sukung rakyat enti bakatu.

    SMS received yesterday: “cll ros swak. director on leave. dy director said so far no new party being register yet.”

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