Miri needs second link road to Taman Tunku


Case Number : T-7WU64Q Lodged on 15th October

Attn:JKR Miri

Dear Sir,
I propose for the extension and expansion of the second road connecting Taman Tunku, Taman Jelita and the surrounding new residences next to Holiday Park or Luak Residential.Please see the attachment.
Hope the authority can take note on this and solve the traffic jam issue there.

Status at: 17th October 2009
In Progress (Pending Agency Action)
Assigned to agencies below for action: Jabatan Kerja Raya Bahagian Miri

2 thoughts on “Miri needs second link road to Taman Tunku”

  1. i think u should foward this matter to YB Haji Ahmad Lai.. Taman Tunku is part of Sibuti parliamentary. Maybe he can voice up.

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