Crawling traffic this morning due to haze?

It was quite hazy this morning in Miri. Upon reaching the Pujut 7 roundabout, the traffic comes to a crawl. I suspected an accident could have happened further down the road leading to Lutong.


Obviously, yes.. a Kancil was involved in an accident.


The driver may have lost control and rammed the metal protector on the right side of the road.


This is not the first time that an accident happen surrounding this location. If you drive along this road, you will be able to see tyre marks of previous mishaps. So, slow down when you are using this stretch.

On the other hand, it is high time for the government to expedite the second Miri by-pass stretching from the Miri Airport to Kuala Baram to ease the increasing number of road users in Miri. In view of this issue, it is high time, too, that YAB Pehin Sri Taib reshuffle his cabinet and focus on urban development.


The haze is back and what was proposed by the relevant agencies during the last haze has not be implemented, despite the news report that it WILL BE looked into ASAP. It has come to a point that the rakyat could not trust the words of the government this days. Susah nak percaya sekarang. The previous two haze situation called for a watch tower. Still no sign of it.


Yesterday, there was a bush fire along the Miri by-pass, yet.. (as usual) because no one complaints, the authorities were not there to look into it. And when the rakyat complaints via Talikhidmat, we are being served by a computer program!


Taman Tunku Residents

Taman Tunku has become a fast growing residential area. With the expansion of Taman Jelita, two secondary schools, and a primary schools, there is an urgent need for the government to build a second road connecting Taman Tunku with the Miri-Bintulu “Highway” (does it feel like riding on a highway in Peninsular Malaysia?).


The residents of Taman Tunku also need a Klinik Kesihatan, Klinik Ibu dan Anak, or even a hospital! That should ease the crowding situation at the Maternity Clinic currently located on a shophouse lot! How could we call ourselves a city when this issues still exist?

Finally.. we see frequently survey being conducted (hitung jumlah kenderaan) on our roads. Yang tak muncul is a bigger road!! Well, at least the employees can claim overtime (if any). YB Datuk Amar Abg Jo.. if you are reading this, please do something urgently in Taman Tunku (its PBB YB Aidan Wing’s area). Terima kasih and congratulations on your new (and more work) appointment as the Minister of Urban Development.

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