To be verified once work is actually done

This is the latest reply I received from Talikhidmat Center on my recent complaint. The Center gave me three days to reply to the email about the service or it will be considered CLOSED.

I assume the three days is for me to verify on the service by Talikhidmat. And, on the actual work perform by the relevant section (what/which section?), is yet to be known of when it will be done.

And, the obvious thing is, if I do not reply in three days, the case is considered CLOSED and SOLVED!!! Malaysia Boleh! KPI good good ehh..

Dear Sir/Madam,

Kindly be informed, we have received feedback from (1)Majlis Bandaraya Miri as below.

Case No : T-7VW4RE

Reported matters :
A pot hole was found this morning at Lorong Seberkas Mews. The hole is a danger to the public as it is located within the vicinity of the Bazaar Ramadhan currently held at Seberkas Commercial Centre.
Please action ASAP. It may involve Seberkas, LAKU, JKR and MCC.
Thank you.
James Joshua Guang

Action Taken :
Please be informed that the matter on potholes appeared at Saberkas Com.
Centre, is being included in the road-patching programme to be carried out by the relevant section.

We trust that you are happy with our service and that we may close this call. Kindly reply this email within 3 days if you find the service unsatisfactory.



Thank you for contacting TALIKHIDMAT (Public Service hotline).
Your one stop channel to reach Sarawak State Government.
Tel : 555999 (Applicable throughout Sarawak); Fax : 555888 Email

This is my reply emailed today (24 Sept. 2009) C.c to YB Andy Chia

To Whom it may concerned,

We visited the location this morning and nothing have been done. The hole is getting bigger with metal wires protruding out, which is a danger to children in the area. How can we be satisfy if it’s only a reply on email and the actual physical work has not been carried out.

And, the case is considered as SOLVED by a computer application?

Thank you.

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