SPDP making its entry via Johor

The statement by Dato Seri Tiong is something new to SPDP members. Most members would not be aware of it. Some may be aware of SPDP forming ‘club’ in Peninsular Malaysia, with the current formation of SPDP Club in Johor Baru, where 40,000 Ibans reside. Let us see if this move gets the support from its delegates during their coming TGM in December.

Extract from Malaysiakini

If this failed, said Ong, a Sarawak-based multiracial party would move into Peninsular Malaysia “to destroy MCA”. Alternatively, a newly-formed multiracial party would serve as a vehicle for dissidents to join Barisan Nasional (BN), thereby replacing MCA.

Tiong confirmed that SPDP, in which he is treasurer, has plans to set up branches in the peninsula. Describing this as a national issue, he slammed Ong for trying to obstruct his party’s expansion because of “a personal vendetta”.

He pointed out that MCA is a race-based party, while SPDP has a multiracial membership profile. As such, Ong “has no business meddling with the expansion plan”.

“We are all BN component parties, so what’s wrong with making inroads into Peninsular Malaysia? Some with a narrow political mindset think that parties from the peninsula can go into Sabah and Sarawak, but not vice versa,” Tiong reportedly said.

“Many new parties have been established in the peninsula. Why didn’t he make noise then?”

Asked why a Sarawak party would want to move into the peninsula, Tiong explained that the last general election had proved to be a watershed in politics.

“Many voters and members of political parties are disillusioned with the way BN and its component parties are run, but they don’t want to cross over to the opposition .

“So expanding SPDP would give them a choice (to join a new party) as we’re still under the BN banner. Does this mean it will destroy MCA and destablise BN?”

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