Preview of the future is here

Jalan Bulan Sabit this morning.. despite the rain yesterday, it was not heavy enough to reduce the haze.


Uwaaa! Our DCM, Datuk Patinggi George Chan was mad at a Curtin University student for sending an email to Lim Kit Siang’s blog. The open burning has been going on for weeks and I assume that this student cannot tahan anymore and hence the email to the opposition. Extract below.

Terrible haze in Miri
by Curtin University of Technoloy Sarawak student

I am currently student of Curtin University of Technology Sarawak Campus.

Over the past 2 days, the haze is getting worse and worse.

Time now is 4.19 am. Our students here cannot sleep at all due to the thick haze. We event cannot look out, which make our eyes in pain.

We dont have any channel to complain regarding this issue. Even we call the Fire Department, they say they are trying their best.

Miri City has to do something especially in this international university whereby a lot of foreign students studying here are suffering from this bad haze.

Our location are Senadin, Lutong and PermyJaya housing areas.

Curtin University is right next to the source of the haze in Miri. The student can actually monitor if the relevant authorities has done anything to stop the fire. Well, only when the press wants some shot, then we’ll see the authorities at work.

A check this morning, its all quiet at Kuala Baram! Where are the service men????? And, all I get is a beautiful sun rise shot – pink sun – due to the thick haze, I do not need a filter to get this shot.


Ohh wuuuoohhhHHh.. cloud seedling is expensive hmmm. What makes it expensive? The jet fuel? The salt?

And every year we hear of international pledges on how to reduce the haze problem. And it is like a holiday trip for this ministers because nothing is seen to be done and it is getting worst by the years.

Good preview

Nevertheless, the whole haze situation is a good preview of what will happen to us when we are not playing our role to reduce global warming. Like it or not, this is the future and welcome to the future!

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