Miri this morning

Don’t be alarm by these photos taken this morning on my way to work. The API reading is still “unknown” because the NREB readings are questionable to many of us in Miri. We do not know how the instrument works and where they located it. But these photos do not lie.










Cloud seedling? Nahh.. according to the authorities, there is no cloud above Miri yesterday. Yes true enough, it was blue sky all the way till the power broke down!

We just need to pray harder, take all precaution, reduce or stop outdoor activities, especially primary schools and drink as much water as possible.

4 thoughts on “Miri this morning”

  1. so, who is to be blame? Like usual.

    Miri Mr Doggie of MP & so called sink-boat SUPP aka Mr Chan is blaming the student not to complain to LKS. He forgot that we Mirian vote for him that incompetent Mr.Chan.

    then, the burning culprits. Isnt it a shame? finding faults all around a system? when actually its within the society itself?

  2. API still show the index is low…is that the right reading????? i think they are trying the fact that the air is now really unhealthy and hazardous. such a liar….

  3. sirsc-melb. I think it would be unfair to politicize the current peat soil fire. We didn’t blame the labour party for the bush fire in victoria, now why should SUPP be blamed if they are doing their best to contain the current peat soil fire. I believe DR. Chan is unhappy that someone is trying to politicize such an incident when he is working hard. I think “blame” is a big word to use. I am sure he was only ticked off with the student’s reaction. Afterall he is only human like you and I. What would DAP have done better in this condition? Are you voting just to oppose or is DAP truly better?

    But I do agree with you that the society has itself to blame for the current peat soil fire.

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