Dato Seri Mawan apologies


Dato Sri William made a wise move by apologising to SUPP on his recent remark on seat allocation for the BN component parties in Sarawak. Not many party President had openly apologise to another party or the general public over remarks they had made. Full news report here.

Out of context, I believe politicians should be brave enough to apologise for their ‘mistake’ or inability to serve the rakyat. It may not be what the YB wants, but sometimes these YBs should be responsible for the act of the agencies which are under them or within their constituency. Like the recent delivery of ‘fresh’ water supply to Sepupok Niah.

The YB or head of department may not have send the directive to deliver muddy water, but, they should take note of the quality of the deliveries. 1Malaysia or an Honour to Serve will be meaningless if the subordinates do not understand it and still take things for granted.

An investigation should be carry out to identify the culprit. What if the water delivered were contaminated? The lives of many rural communities would be in danger.

Kepada pegawai kerajaan yang terlibat, berfikir la sebelum buat.. Kalau anda tiday dapat meminum air itu, kenapa nak hantar juga? Tak boleh ke tanya pegawai atasan untuk mencari penyelesaian?

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