Uchukeling.com is officially closed


Dear readers and friends,

This blog is officially closed on 11 June 2009 after being in existence since 3rd November 2005. The blog is a learning experience in using WordPress, and unfortunately during that period, I have lost a few posts while performing some export and import matters (which only allows us a 2Mb limit).

Closure of this blog doesn’t mean I will stop blogging. The closure of this blog only means I will not be writing as regular as before due to my tight schedule.

To those who have follow this blog for the last three years, I thank you for your kind support.

A new blog will be announce soon!


One thought on “Uchukeling.com is officially closed”

  1. You can tweak the 2MB limit bro, easily by just changing the .htaccess file. Well, worked for me.

    A blogger will not go away, I’m waiting for you to announce your new blog :) Till then, take care!

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