Dear honorable members,

Thank you for the enquiries, SMSes, etc., on what has happen to our forum at, and I am quick to answer you – nothing happen. There is no issue to be discuss and RD is currently undergoing a transformation period.

Transform to what? I am not sure of that too.. But, what I am sure about is – belongs and accessible to all the Internet users (since it is active ONLINE).

How will it look like? No idea.

Where are we heading? This too, I am not sure where we are heading..

How long will it be UNDER TRANSFORMATION? Until things get settled down and when I have the free time to look after it. Do I need help? Yes.. I need people who are good with graphics, php coding, CSS, etc.. and most of all a good public relationship officer, good event organiser, good doers and less talking..

Do I need funding? Tell me what things are free in this world. For every free things you get, there is someone else paying. Give with sincerity and accept it with thanksgiving. If you want to help; help then, or, just sit back and enjoy the free ride.

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  1. all the best to your rumahdayak forum! I wish the transformation is smooth.

    I have a question. Where did you make/print the car sticker? and for how much? Would like to print stickers for my own forum as well.

    Awaiting your response.

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