New neighbourhood

This afternoon, I took some time to check our new home – a corner lot at one of the housing area within Taman Jelita at the edge of Taman Tunku in Miri. The developer is Mier Lee Construction. Here are some photos on the work progress.


The photo above show an overview of the road leading to our new home. The building on the background is SMK Taman Tunku.


The new home is a standard home with three bedroom, a dining section and a living room.


Below are more photos showing work-in-progress.


10-05-2009: Doors fixed and floor tiling done. More undercoat painting done.


26-04-2009: Ceiling done. Undercoat painting begins.


This is the photo taken during our first visit to the housing area. It was a no second thought decision, and on the 6th of December 2008 we paid for the deposit for this home. The lot is no.6 – luck!


3 thoughts on “New neighbourhood”

  1. i am a young fresh graduate who just started working as a government servant… i plan to buy a house in this area but really dunno how to start, who to meet/call, the budget and everything about buying a you have any website or people that i can refer to..

    1. Hi Jess, the better option is for you to drive around that area (I assumed Taman Jelita) and get the telephone contacts of the developer. 2. Meet them and discuss on the pricing that is affordable to you. 3. Then meet your banker, if possible, the bank where your salary is being transacted. The bank wish to see what is being deposited in that account. Don’t worry about withdrawal, the banks are not interested on how you spend. 4. The legal portion will be handle by your banker’s panel lawyers.

  2. hi sir, can i ask something about Woohome developer…i already buy that house most 4year accept do payment evry months….but still not improvements at all…..if i can wanted to complaint like aduan Rakyat in Tv3…..wasting the time for waiting……any suggestion plz help we all…

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