jamesjg.com officially registered


Once a blogger will be a blogger! I have closed my first blog at uchukeling.com earlier today and decided to be more personalised in my approach to blogging. Hence, I decided to register my newest domain – www.jamesjg.com – the short tag for James Joshua Guang.

Today also marked my migration to WordPress 2.8 which shall see the merging of WordPress and WordPress MU at a later date.


To my fellow blogger friends, here are the list of plugins that I am using for this blog. And, I will create a special tutorial category for new blogger who would like to have a blog powered by WordPress. The tutorial will be based on the various questions emailed to me. If you have any thing to ask, please send your email to blog[at]jamesjg.com and I will try my best to assist you.

  • Comment License shows a license with terms of your choosing in your comments form. You can edit the terms of your license in the options page.
  • Most Popular Posts is a basic widget for your sidebar that creates a list of links to the top posts on your blog according to the number of comments on the post. You can customize the widget title, number of links to show and whether or not you want to display the comment count.
  • No Duplicate Comments check comments for duplicate content using Google AJAX Search API as they are published. This helps to avoid having duplicate content in your posts. It only checks approved comments that have over 50 words. The plugin searches two random strings, both 8 words length. If one of them finds an exact match, it emails you letting you know so you can check it yourself and decide if you want to delete it.
  • Smart Youtube is a plugin that allows you to easily insert Youtube videos/playlists in your post, comments and in RSS feed. The main purpose of the plugin is to correctly embed youtube videos into your blog post. The video will be shown in full in your RSS feed as well.
  • WordPress Mobile Edition is a plugin that shows an interface designed for a mobile device when visitors come to your site on a mobile device. Mobile browsers are automatically detected, the list of mobile browsers can be customized on the settings page.


To my gentle readers, I will be grateful if you care to amend your bookmark and add this latest blog. To avoid missing any of my post, you can click here for the RSS feed.


This is the hardest process of owning a personal blog – choosing the right theme to reflect our personality. No doubt there are hundreds of free themes available on the Net, but what we want may comes in bits and pieces, and in the end we may have to choose the one nearest to what we wanted.

Quick loading and readability is definitely the top priority for my blog. That comes in the form of visual-friendly fonts in term of its size and colour. To those of you who are new to blogging and WordPress, the theme can be change via the Appearance (yourdomain.com/wp-admin/themes.php) feature at your administrative settings.

How do I get the theme to appear in the list?

You need to upload the theme to your web server. For me, I am using Core FTP Lite for my FTP. Make sure you upload it to the correct folder, which is usually found at yourdomain.com/wp-content/themes/

Interested to have a domain of your own?

What could be the best thing to have on the Internet if not your own personalised domain name. A personal domain is like having your own home address on the Net. Its like the address of your house where people can send mail, gifts, visit you (of course) and what’s better than to print your own t-shirt with the dotCom on it.

Drop me an email if you are interest to get one just like mine – jamesjg.com!

6 thoughts on “jamesjg.com officially registered”

  1. Boss…thanks ..well, alive and kickin’ after 40..proud of you. Keep the job well done up.

    1. Still searching for a theme that suit my taste. Ka ngaga kediri, lembau endar ga testing and troubleshoot when the codes get messy.

  2. ..have updated my links, added your new site.

    BTW, sayau ga site Uchu Keling.com enti ditinggal, actually can be explored further as a brand name,

    1. Tuai, terima kasih laban udah ngerantai blog tu ngagai enggi nuan di Nanga Pek dia. Domain uchukeling.com sigi disimpan taja enda di intu naka kediatu. Enti bisi idea baru maia dudi ari ila, lapa enda diseruri baru.

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