Voice it to your ADUN in person


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logo-dunOur elected representatives will be having their next sittings in May 2009. You have until end of April to meet your respective ADUN, and, forward your request/views/info. Be part of the system and stop being a political back seater.

1. Do not go through third party – go directly to your ADUN (either BN or DAP or PKR). They are friendly (don’t worry) and they won’t eat you.

2. Ask, ask, ask and ask until you are satisfied. No point writing it out on the Net without getting an answer, right?

3. Always give your suggestions to the problem or issue. It may sounds stupid, but who knows it can be the only practical solution.

The future of Sarawak is in your HANDS. Our representatives are doing their job to voice and put it into discussion, and to implement it (if its acceptable to the House).

So, bloggers,.. be part of the system to know how the system works.

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  1. UK,

    There are many issues concerning the Dayaks which are no longer secret; in fact these issues have not been satisfactorily answered for ages:

    1) Issuance of titles for NCR Land; I dare an Iban ADUN to put forward a motion for Government to survey NCR land and provide land titles!

    2) To speed up program to elevate Dayak economic status, poverty levels, etc.; I dare an Iban ADUN to put forward a motion for the Government to allocate specific direct negotiation contract for eligible Dayak entrepreneurs and to give pink forms / shares for GLC such that the 30% NEP Bumiputra equity of Dayaks will match their population;

    3) Recognition of Dayak race instead of classifying them as DLL in Government forms;

    4) Speed up road construction linking Kapit to Kanowit! No more excuses – the road will speed up land development belong to the Iban along Rejang Basin, etc.

    I believe most YBs know these issues well enough – but do these issues no longer excite them, they have learned to accept the status quo or refuse to continue to pursue or too afraid.

    A YB who is ignorant about these kind of issues and waiting to be told or asked by voters or even accuse bloggers “no point writing” in internet – are not being pro-active and simply citing excuses. YBs should know people problems and make them as their ultimate responsibilities to know what affect the people. There has to be certain amount of hard work and sincerity.

    If there are still excuses, then we know the problem is actually that they are either scared (have to toe the line as dictated by the BN). These behaviours have always been there for the last 46 years – and that is why things even as simple as a Government Form that show “DLL” (for Dayak, Ibans) race cannot be corrected for many years!


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