Update: Ailing twins touch hearts of many


Dear all,

Last Sunday 29 March I’ve visited the family at Shah Alam during my trip to Kuala Lumpur.  I’ve been informed by Madam Serena that she has yet to receive any assistant from any organization or government agency.We hope the relevant parties could look into this seriously.

On our part, our donation drive is ongoing until end of this month as a short term measure. For long term we are looking for volunteer to pledge their commitment to donate Rm10/month for period of one year.We are targeting 50 volunteer to support our this initiative.

On 6 April, we going to have a donation drive during our company monthly gathering. Those who are interested to donate, please contact me.

Attached is my picture with Madam Serena twins.

Thank you.

Abdullah Mohd Imranuddin

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  1. Tq UK,

    Maybe if you are starting a fund, we’d like to contribute to this fund too…

    Just giove me your cut-off date and will try to rally the people here.

  2. Hi UK,

    Sorry, didn’t know you had it on rumahdayak.com. Found I had to register to join in and read so I didn’t bother.

    Too many Iban/Dayak forums these days.

  3. This email is from Hadrian Awell

    Dear Bro & Sis,
    The story about Madam Serena Merang and her two ailing twins, Tracy and Stephanie Thomas was published in the Star, about two months ago.

    Tracy and Stephanie both have end-stage kidney failure and are undergoing daily treatment at the Paediatric Institute, Kuala Lumpur Hospital while staying and schooling in Shah Alam. Madam Serena is unable to work, as she has to take care of the twins and is being supported by her brother who works in a factory and a church which provides for their monthly groceries.

    Back then, when the story broke there were offers to help this family. The two girls were even offered into a home in PJ but we are not sure what came out of this.

    A reader of UchuKeling.com, Mr. Abdullah Mohd Imranuddin, recently visited this family and mentioned that this family has to receive assistance from any organisation or government agency. He also mentioned that he is seeking 50 kindred souls to pledge and commit RM10/month for a year to ease the burden of this family.

    Alternately, you may want to donate a one-off sum to this family. Your contributions may be banked in to:

    Ruis Jugah: CIMB Account No: 12460062043527
    Email: ruijugah@gmail.com

    NOTE: Appreciate any amount – thanks for your good heart & generosity. Don’t worry, the money will be used solely to help Madam Serena and family. Please provide (sms or post comment here) your name or nickname, bank-in receipt number (or email the jpeg or pdf of the receipt) and contact number for us to ensure everything is done above the board.

    Also, you can help by writing / calling / emailing your respective Minister, Assemblyman, Parliamentarian to get them to help this family. If possible, we are not hoping for a one-off donation only but for long-term aid by the Government for them. Let us get this thing moving.

    Should you have further queries do contact members of SDGA:
    Ruis Jugah (0163320021) / Carol Billy (0122207894) / Anthony Sagang (0166548684) / Hadrian Awell (0193339072).

    Thanking you ahead for your support. Enough with the talk, let’s walk. THANK YOU, GOD BLESS

  4. The following is an email from Mr. Sebastian Ting


    Dear friends,

    Well done Imranuddin and your colleagues. It was very nice talking to you the other day on your way to madam Serena’s house. It was not easy for me to find her house but you did it with ease.

    For information, since this case was first highlighted by Miss Lee Yuk Peng, the Star reporter, I have been in contact with Miss Lee, who had briefed YB Datuk Peter Chin,the Minister for Plantation Industries and Commodities, Malaysia and MP for Miri when we all met in Parliament. Miss Lee has mentioned about the donations and the trust account being set up by concerned church members on behalf of madam Serena and her twin daughters. I did not inform you all earlier as I did not then seek permission from Miss Lee whether I could so release this information.. I have now obtained consent from Miss Lee that I can convey this information to all our dear friends who have been very supportive and are also very concerned about the welfare of madam Serena and the twin daughters.

    Attached herewith is the email sent to me by Miss Lee for your information. Miss Lee also mentioned that a volunteer brought madam Serena and twins for Easter shopping recently.

    I am also pleased to note here that on the day when I first visited madam Serena, Datuk Peter, through me, had passed some money to her. I am also aware that 4 other persons might have deposited money into her bank account.

    While in Parliament Datuk Peter met and informed Datuk Ng Yen Yen, the Minister for family,women affairs etc about madam Serena’s predicament. The Minister advised that madam Serena should register with the welfare department near her place of residence.

    I have spoken to madam Serena and she said that the welfare department in Miri had contacted her and that she was advised to register her case with the welfare department in Petaling Jaya. She did the registration yesterday.

    Dear friends, I will continue to up date you all.

    Take care and best wishes always.

    Sebastian Ting

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