SNAP is still a BN component party


I hope this is not an April fool headline by the Borneo Post, because it gives us a new implication on the status of Sarawak National Party (SNAP).

I met Stanley Jugol and Darrel Jugol (SNAP Youth) during the Batang Ai by-election nomination day. It was polite to say “hi” to relatives when we have the chances to meet them. Nothing was mention on this news, but I was made to understang that some SNAP CEC was in Kuala Lumpur to meet Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak (who shall be Malaysia’s next Prime Minister and probably be the new Home Affairs Minister).

2009-04-01-snap-exSome questions

  • With Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s comment on the technical status of SNAP, now we know that SNAP is still a component of the Barisan Nasional (on record). Was that the reason why SNAP was never being deregistered?
  • What is SNAP CEC member, Dr. John Brian (holding the post of Vice President) doing in PKR? He is seen as PKR’s strategist in Sarawak (well, at least that was being read in his blog).
  • The media have carried headlines and news that SNAP “pulled out” from the Barisan Nasional and today we are reading that SNAP have never resigned from BN. Were the readers being fooled all these while by these politicians?
  • Will this move make an impact in Batang Ai? We know that there are still some strong supporters (the elder Ibans) of SNAP in Batang Ai.

Senior Sng denies

Former Julau MP Datuk Sng Chee Hua has denied that he has been working against the Barisan Nasional in the Batang Ai by-election.

“I am a BN man and I believe that the BN will deliver the seat,” he added in a press statement yesterday.

Well, hopes Datuk Sng pay a visit to the PRS Operations Room in Batang Ai to strengthen this claim and statement. Probably our good friends Tedwin Ngumbang and Audie Chua should also lend a hand in Batang Ai.

Electronic media war

One thing for sure – the Barisan Nasional lack people who can documented their campaign. Unlike their big brother, UMNO-nergised blogs, the BN Sarawak, while equiped with high tech digital cameras, video cameras, during the recent nomination day are good for private home viewing (printed photo album) and home videos.

So, YB YB, Datuk Datuk, Datin Datin, this good video clips, photos are all needed if you are to enter the new media. The printed mass media have limited space to show the real things. And, we, the new generation voters want to view and read the latest information on the ground, and not relying on SMS from the campaigners.

Today, the BN are trailing (or even not there yet) in term of electronic media war. If this continues to happen, then it might be too late.

Listen O-thee BN

Today’s voters do not only listen to your ceramah, but take a little more time to surf the Net, read newspapers for views and opinions before they decided on whom they will vote.

1. oBN, your projects are not well documented for the public. Yes, we heard of them, but we do not see them. The papers, development photos and videos are well kept in your office but for who? Some of us cannot attend development exhibition, but we do come back to vote.

2. Government websites are becoming redundant, full of historical facts! Either the government are so lokek, and can’t afford a dedicated webmaster in every council or district offices, or they just couldn’t be bothered about it.

3. All champions and no frontliners – 6 days more, my honest opinion to both sides: PKR have better documentation of their campaign. Better organised despite their lack of fund, logistic supports, etc. The BN relied on all the media to send out their signal to the voters. Yes, we read it. The reality on the ground is different.


The PRS President need to do something to tackle his own men. The rest of the component are doing their part well. SUPP even started campaigning right after nomination to secure votes from the Chinese community. Follow-ups call have been made by Harden and Yap. Their visits were well documented in the Chinese media.

It is the PRS supporters that could spoilt this happening! So, if you do not organise it well despite the advantages (well, maybe not enough funding from party supporters).

4. oBN campaign workers bawa perangai masing-masing! Nak show terror semua! This might back fire, jangan lupa ye oBN.

5. The battle is only half way and there is no need for advance credit. The votes are not in yet, so no need to say I did this and I did that. Talian belum di buka lagi, jangan buang kredit anda!

Party delivers but reps need to work on it

No doubt the oBN have delivered various projects to the rakyat, but it is not reaching the rakyat as planned. Who ever handles and are trusted to handle this project, task or work must be sincere and be hardworking.

Even Jawah had the opportunity to do so. So did the late YB Datuk. But why it didn’t happen as planned? It starts from the representative, the party workers, the Councillors, the Tuai Rumahs, etc..

The rakyat needs to review their performance as well.

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  1. Why did DPM make comment like that, when he can immediately call ROS to withdraw everything and restate SNAP within 24 hours just like the instant parties they form to replace or destroy SNAP with?

    As a loyal SNAP member, it’s appalling to see SNAP being reduced to its present “empty shell” and still make noises on by-elections or general elections. Remember Batang AI was the SNAP Stronghold. Why surrender to PKR and/or BN? If SNAP is with PKR why PKR still wants to destroy SNAP?

    It was a very strong and solid Party in 1995, stronger than PBB or SUPP or PBDS. Now reduced to what it is because of endless infighting since my removal by James Wong and William factions in 1995.

    Yet there remains a hope if only you care to look up to the sky and find the STAR to be your hope for a better future.

  2. Without fear or favor – my current take on Dr John Brian is that he is not against BN or anti-government per se, but rather wants to see many things that concern the Dayaks/Ibans get drastically improved. Pointless to deny this (like there is nothing wrong – status quo) as people are getting better informed each day. As such DayakBaru seem to support PKR – well many Dayaks want to see changes. How do you get changes? Perhaps through election is one way.

    Being neutral, without fear or favor, if I see some unreasonable statements from DayakBaru – I would not reserve my objection and disagreement. But indeed what they have highlighted so far seem to carry a lot of merits.

    The ones who receive criticisms will deny, disagree, twist, etc. But like I said, more and more Dayaks are better informed, they could think for themselves and decide. Dayak Politicians should not under estimate people intelligence – assuming people are easily influenced or brainwashed – it would be better off if these Dayak politicians should try to see from other angles, be honest with themselves; swear to God that what he/she is doing is best for the Dayaks/Ibans. If really good, who would want to oppose good things? If people oppose – then ones should acknowledge that something is wrong!

    Many Iban voters are being made use of – offer all kind of things during election. Their prices seem to be so cheap, their rights and principles are being compromised with the “incentives”.

    Almost all of us are very poor – we highly value immediate gratifications no matter how small they are. We sell our souls and the future of our generations for such small gratifications. Being poor, we were taken advantage of. We will remain poor forever and ever. Our community will continue to lag behind. Who really bother about this? Hardly anyone, least of all Dayak leaders themselves.

    About SNAP in BN now – well lets look at PBDS in the 80s, BN at Federal and opposition in the state, nothing new. If BN intends to capitalise on such stunt – SNAP support BN – I think again they are repeating what had worked in the past, hence forgetting time has changed. BN should learn from March 2008 election results.

    We can all be BN supporters, but not necessary we support things which are incorrect. Even Tun Mahathir doesn’t agree with UMNO on many things. The arrogances of BN on many things, using the name of BN for many decisions – for example the selection of candidate where Adit and Ajang were forced to stand as independents in 2005 state election, that’s too much.

    It has been all along that BN decision, right or wrong must be followed. But such decision often dictated by people in high hierachy – being forced on BN people. Somethime we see it get so sick, even BN people themselves disagree and oppose. Again a good example is Tun Dr Mahathir – no one else could become better example.

  3. Well My Friend, If SNAP is still in BN why our present President Mr.Edwin Dundang is not aware what is going on now? If PM treating SNAP still with BN how about PBDS ? Why ROS & Taib not requesting ROS to approve the PBDS to be registered. Is CM taib afraid of Dayak like Leo,Daniel now his wife BYE BYE Tulah laban iya jai engau bansa dayak laban iya ngasoh anak iya nyadi CM Jabu nya dama aja. Ila iya numpang anak Taib nyadi CM. Now all Dayak to see Najib & back to party PBDS James tukar nama party ketai Iban begulai baru see SNAp. PM now the boat is rocking.


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