Seng Kee Seafood

This place is a MUST-GO for prawn lovers in Miri. Seng Kee Seafood is located along the coastal highway, just at the first traffic lights after going downhill at Luak Bay. I used to just passed by this corner coffee shop, but yesterday, I told my family to give it a try. And, I will sure to make a revisit soon.


Not knowing what to order, I played safe and order an iced fresh lime juice. This juice can go with any type of food (for me).


We decided to order prawn noodle, since we saw a table was having that and it looks delicious. Well, indeed it was delicious and taste great. The udang galah was huge. So, we ordered three and my son and daughter had salad chicken rice.


Done, licin habis! The bill was RM67.00 for five pax.


And, you get to enjoy this view (on a fine evening).

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