Thought Provoking Questions

  • How many negative thoughts did you have?
  • Was there a particular area of your life that triggered the majority of your negative thoughts?

The Lesson

Self-sabotage or self-doubt is the number one defeating and demoralizing act for most people.  Often, a person has so many self-defeating thoughts that their subconscious mind begins to hold them back.  It takes time and commitment to discontinue these thoughts because self-doubt can be very deep-seeded and routine for your mind.  Consider this one of the most important traits to keep under control as it will directly effect your ability to be successful.  If you find it difficult to track your self-sabotaging thoughts, you should “turn up the volume” on your internal voices and just focus on listening to those thoughts.

When allowed to continue uncontrolled, self-sabotage leads to self-doubt and eventually to a complete lack of confidence.  Not to over-emphasize the lesson, but once you lack confidence, very little will go the way you would like.  You have probably met people like this, the ones that have a terrible attitude towards themselves which only leads to more things going against them.  All this can be averted by turning that self-sabotage into positive self-talk.  Be prepared, depending on your situation this can take commitment to change but it is imperative that you do so.

The Challenge

The challenge requires us to keep track of our internal and external voices.  Although it may seem easy to identify the meaning of what we speak out of our mouths, it is often very difficult to fully understand the internal repercussions of what we say.  Even stronger are the words that are NOT being said, the self-defeating internal voices telling us “I won’t make that deadline” or   “I can’t do this.”  These thoughts are called self-sabotage and they keep us from achieving our goals and dreams.

Pick one day to take along your notepad and keep track of the number of times you have a self-sabotaging conversation with someone or within yourself.

Hint: the hardest part of this task is hearing our internal voice because it happens subconsciously.

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  1. I believe to self sabotage one’s life is to be living in a negative mindset. Being negative, you never see the good in anything or the beauty around you. Living in a positive mindset gives you hopes and a desire to succeed in life.

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