Ripples at PKR Camp in Batang Ai


The Borneo Post carried an election headline today – Blow to Jawah’s bid. This kind of news are expected in election and most readers would expect such a news. How much is that worth if we convert that into votes? Check the Polling Station here.

Morning coffee

2009-04-02-coffeeThe morning starts with a positive note from our candidate over at the BN corner. After not having proper meal yesterday, he is getting a good warm coffee today to start the 5th day of intensive campaign. Chocolate, bro for the energy!

Over at the PKR corner, it was a dissapointing evening for Jawah Gerang and his team yesterday. No, I don’t think it has to do with April Fool’s Day. Here are some recorded event from PKR yesterday. The sequence of event has not been cooked for the BN leaders to read.

Trekking Anwar at Batang Ai

Berikut nota yang dihantar oleh seorang penyumbang Sarawak Update dari Lubok Antu yang mengikuti pergerakan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim di Lubok Antu pada 1 April, 2009.

01 April 2009 5.00 ptg : Pudai
Anwar mahu adakan ceramah tetapi Tuai Rumah Jamit, di Kampung Pudai tidak setuju. Anwar terpaksa  berpatah balik ke pasar Lubok Antu. Kena penangan April Fool dari masyarakat Dayak beliau hari ini.

01 April 2009 6.30 mlm : Pasar Lubok Antu
Anwar serta gerombolannya cuba mengumpul orang di masjid Lubok Antu, tetapi penduduk tidak mahu hadir. Tidak sampai 50 orang yang hadir, termasuk Dominique Ng dan Jawah Gerang. Majoriti konco-konco Anwar sendiri.

01 April 2009 8.30 mlm : Kutai
Anwar pergi ke markas PKR di Kampung Kutai, Lubok Antu. Ceramah beliau cuma dihadiri oleh petugas-petugas PKR, pengikut-pengikut Anwar serta pembodek-pembodek berkereta besar yang mengharapkan peluang untuk bertanding dalam pilihanraya negeri akan datang. Kereta yang diletakkan di bahu jalan semua kereta besar yg tidak dikenali, bukan kereta penduduk tempatan. Orang-orang Kampung Kutai pun tidak datang.

Sebuah lori milik abang kepada Jawah, Tuai Rumah Lepang anak Gerang juga sudah dilihat menanggalkan bendera PKR atas sebab-sebab yang tidak diketahui. Jawah juga tidak mendapat keizinan dari Tuai Rumah Kelinsing untuk berkempen di Kampung Sekarok.

Uchu Keling says : The three longhouses reported by Borneo Post was a BN territory. Jawah was a BN MP there before he switched camp to join PKR. Hence, it is politically correct for the Tuai Rumah to make their stand on their support.

The lorry owned by TR. Lepang is his private property and he have his rights on who to support. Blood runs thicker than water, but it doesn’t mean we share the same ideology.


I know this paragraph will catch your attention because it has been so, all over this blog. PKR have not come up the stage and explain to the rakyat on HOW they will administer Batang Ai, if it comes under their administration. All the PKR have been saying is to ask the rakyat to give them a chance and vote for Jawah.

The rakyat are smart and intelligence as mentioned by PKR. Yes, they are smart and they demand answers to their questions, too.

How could we ask someone to vote for us and not knowing what will happen next. They too need to consider what would happen to them in the next two years before the next state election comes.

The rakyat do not vote blindly either to BN or PKR.

If I give you the public office, what are you going to do in your administration. Let’s go beyond the normal VOTE for CHANGE, CHANGE WE MUST battle cry.

If you can’t write it here, please blog it elsewhere and tell us. We are reading. List down what have PKR done in Perak and Selangor (to the Iban).. Give us the links and printed document to proof. Then only your campaign is solid. At the moment, we also can say its hearsay, lah!

If we vote for you, what will you do for us and how are you going to do it?