N.29 Batang Ai By-election (Live updates)


0700 hrs
All Presiding Officers have picked up their Ballot Boxes and have prepared the Polling Stations for opening at 8.00 am.

0800 hrs
Polling started and Malcom Mossem Lamoh, the Barisan Nasional candidate is expected to cast his vote at Rh. Renggi, Bukong, Engkilili.

According to the NST Team, some voting centres are inaccessible due to flash flood.

Members of the press at Bukong, Engkilili, where Mossem is to cast his vote.
Members of the press at Bukong, Engkilili, where Mossem is to cast his vote.

0825 hrs
PKR’s candidate Jawah Gerang is expected to be at SK Nanga Kumpang to cast his vote.

0830 hrs
Most of our network team are complaining of poor 3G coverage and now even the GPRS signals are quite bad. Thumbs downs to the Telcos!

The compound of Rh. Renggi is now full of voters. Some elderly voters are being carried to the centre. Mossem is yet to be seen. Voters are coming from upriver too. Photos by Abdul Hakim Bujang at location.

Photo by Abdul Hakim Bujang
Photo by Abdul Hakim Bujang

0925 hrs
The BN candidate, Malcom Mossem and his wife Dorothy Sylvester, cast their vote at 9.25 am at Rh. Renggi. According to report on the ground, about 90% of the voters are at the center now.

Meanwhile the EC have mobilise their heli to monitor the flood situation in Batang Ai. All polling stations are operational.

We are teaming up with the Sarawak Update team and this post is mirrored at their website too.

0935 hrs
BN candidate left the voting centre. Situation is reported to be peaceful and quiet.

0950 hrs
Transporters from both parties are busy ferrying voters to their respective centres despite the flood situation. No reports of untoward incidents recorded. All polling centres are reported to be peaceful and quiet (a normal scene  during elections in Sarawak). Sarawakians are cool people!


More voters coming out to cast their votes.


Morning kopi-c
My phone have been rained by SMSes and calls since this morning. Guys, please refresh this screen for the latest updates that I received from our network in Batang Ai. We have a problem sending our photos and SMSes are getting slower and jammed up.

CELCOM, MAXIS, DiGi ————- arrgghhHHHHhhhh!!! All running on GPRS now! Damn!

1015 hrs
Nancy reported the weather has changed tremendously. It is blazing hot. Chinese and Iban folks in Engkilili is holding a procession by throwing flowers and Chinese red papers as a good luck charm for Barisan Nasional.

1040 hrs
Among rural polling stations, those at Ulu Lemanak and Ulu Engkari are expected to close at 11am. We cannot get any updates on the situation over there, as it is out of any telco coverage.

Life goes on as usual at the new Engkilili bazaar. Pix by Abd Hakim.
Life goes on as usual at the new Engkilili bazaar. Pix by Abd Hakim.

1100 hrs
Some of the polling station has closed and EC officers are packing the booth and heading for Lubok Antu.

Done.. we have cast our votes. Who? Nganti lemai legi mih jang!
Done.. we have cast our votes. Who? Nganti lemai legi mih jang!

1200 hrs
Returning Officer Nelson Mujah Girie when contacted said as of 10am, 40% of voters has turned out. Ballot boxes continued coming in.

1300 hrs
Returning Officer Nelson Mujah Girie said 62% has turned out.

1400 hrs
Returning Officer Nelson Mujah Girie via SMS said counting to start at 1500 hours. Majority of ballot boxes in already.


1825 hrs
Batang Ai UNOFFICIAL: BN wins Batang Ai. It is leading with an unassailable majority of 1,600 after 21 of 24 boxes have been counted.

Unofficial 8pm Its Official! PKR 2053 votes, BN 3,907 votes


Photo above courtesy of Nadai Nama Nama.

Heartiest congratulations to YB Malcom Mossem Lamoh on winning the Batang Ai by-election. Remember what you said over lunch a day after nomination – I’m different and I know the administration system and – we will bring the changes that the rakyat wants. We will start from day 1 to catch up with the rest.

Yes, YB.. that’s the spirit and we hope you will not fail the rakyat who have voted you to public office and those who have oppose you too.

Send your congratulatory message to his Facebook page.

Live update

Uchukeling.com would like to give thanks to Abdul Hakim for the photos and reports. Lina Soo’s website for the live coverage, the NST team for the live updates at Facebook and ALL the Dayak bloggers (especially Nadai Nama, who have given us a better picture on what goes in there) who have participate in this by-election.

Special thanks also goes to the few readers who have given me a fair and moderate, well written, polite comments. Its how we put it across and well received by many.. thumbs up to Charcoal Art and 105tonnes! The Dayaks need people like you to bridge the diferences and to build a solid foundation among the youth.

On the other hand, the bloggers have a lot more to learn on cyber campaigning and certainly, this by-election have made us grow a little wiser in facing cyber campaign for the next big thing – Sarawak State Election 2011!

Terima kasih semua ke komen bala kita ngagai UchuKeling.com.. we forgive and we forget, the good ones we treasure to help us build a better community. OoooHa!

Mupok aku..

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  1. Lampu picit and dian anang enda maik… enggai ke karan depadam ke sesco maia ngira undi…

  2. asai kala ninga nama ucu keling.suba balat endar ucak tu mengkritik jabu ba rumah dayak.nama diatu balat endar ngankat ke bn?udah nyadi ucu jabu pia??hehe!!!!….

  3. Laluh Keling, I approve your comment just to share with the rest of the Dayak community who the Dayak really are.

    This is the Dayak mentality.

  4. Nti nemu utai ketu “CELCOM, MAXIS, DiGi ————- arrgghhHHHHhhhh!!! All running on GPRS now! Damn!”……nyak madah ke menua nyak nda maju maia d pigai BN….so what?….

  5. Silakan cak..aku pemai dek.simpul pandak.baik penemu aku,penemu dek.dek anang nyimpul ke nya mentality dayak.aku dayak iban,tang nama2 runding pansut ke aku nya nanda ke penemu aku empu.ukai penemu iban,penemu dayak!anang ngamah ke bansa aku.

  6. all the best meh PKR…..arap ke BN alah ….sometime change is good..idup PKR
    greeting from London

  7. Congratulation to Mr Malcolm and BN. Sapa ti menang pan udah ditemu. Arap ka bala Iban di menoa Batang Ai terus beserakup udah tu. Pekara ti pemadu penting ianya ngemansang ka menua enggau bala rakyat di Batang Ai.

    Ngagai Bro James, terima kasih ka semua pengawa nuan ngeriput pasal pilihanraya tu.

  8. Thank you UK, Nadai Nama, Lina Soo and All other Dayak bloggers for your daily and up to the minute updates since even before nomination day.

    This is a good eye-opener for all Dayaks on the need for change, be it personal change, spiritual change, economic change or political change. How each of us does it may be different, but the important thing is the need for change.

    Many have been professional in giving comments but we have to give extra work and try harder next time to discuss and have discourse on issues and not personality bashing (even if we hate some people to death).

    All parties will have to do the post-mortem now (though the BN will berami first i suspect)and see you in the next state elections.

  9. Serah nama calon kabinet

    “Kita hanya beri cadangan sahaja tapi terpulang kepada perdana menteri, kerana kita telah ada seorang menteri…terpulang kepada perdana menteri,” katanya.

    Turut menemui Najib pagi ini ialah Ketua Menteri Sarawak yang juga presiden Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Sarawak, Tan Sri Taib Mahmud, juga berhubung dengan pelantikan kabinet baru.

    “Hari ini saya menyerahkan senarai nama calon PBB kepada perdana menteri,” katanya.

    Menurutnya, beliau menyerahkan senarai nama yang sama memandangkan usia kabinet sekarang, baru mencecah setahun.

    “Saya ada berbincang sedikit mengenai pembentukan kabinet baru tapi terpulang kepada perdana menteri untuk melantik anggota kabinet,” katanya kepada pemberita.

    Bagaimanapun, beliau membayangkan mungkin ada kejutan yang baik bagi Sabah dan Sarawak.

    selamat lemai semoa……

    manah amai penemu ngemaju ka banda dayak…..emmmmmm…….badas……

    no komen pasal utainya,cukup badas…

    barisan kabinet ka baru 2 semoa ari pbb????

    minta bala kaban bejurai ka utai 2……

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