UPDATED: Miri infrastructures build to rot

Updated today (April 23rd)


Well, this morning, after coming into its fifth day, the traffic lights has been fixed. The task took less than an hour but it should have been looked into on Monday afternoon. However, it should not take 27 years to happen.

Thank you to the City Council for the not-so-quick response.


Posted on April 21st..


This traffic lights at the junction to Jalan Bintang has been in that position since last Sunday morning. And, this morning (Tuesday), it is still like that.

I wonder how much time does the authority need to take, to repair it? A year? Or until someone gets into an accident and blame the traffic lights?

Don’t tell me that none of the hundreds of City Council staff did not use that road for the last three days!

OMG! Look at that pile of sand


If you drive along the Miri-Pujut Road, you will not miss the numerous pile of sand that has been dredged out from the monsoon drain. No wonder Miri gets so much flash flood! Ask the contractor why it has not been cleared since the completion of that monsoon drain. The answer is simple – itu perentah tidak kasi budget pakei buang pasir lehh. Saya cuma bikin itu parit besar saja. It means, the government did not give us the budget to clear the drain at a regular interval. We are only given the tender to construct it.

Build to rot

With all this happenings, we are left to wonder if the authorities have proper plan for the maintenance of our infrastructure. The way I view it – I guess all our existing infrastructure are there to rot (until someone make a complaint – a written complaint).

By the time people complaint, they start to plan to make quick maintenance and when that happen, they will take funding from other budgets.

To the people concern, if you can’t be proactive in executing your job, please leave or resign, and make way for more capable young people. There are so many young graduates who wants the post, and these people do not need written complaint to act and save Miri Resort City from rotting!

8 thoughts on “UPDATED: Miri infrastructures build to rot”

  1. By five years time, that traffic light will be out of order. And, that monsoon drain will be fully clogged with sand.

    Do you want us to wait some more until the so called Pakatan Rakyat takes over?

    My goodness!

  2. hahaha…UK, remember the pictures that i email to you? same story la tu…so lets’ do our job in the next election???

  3. It took 27 years for BN to shake up and granted RM80m + development.

    According to BN, they have to follow procedure and they are able to do it now because of RM60 billion Eco Stimulus Plan. They conveniently forget to tell why BN fail to provide funds to develop remote areas during good and boom times.

    With Pakatan Rakyat, the Voters, you and me, your parents, grand parents and future generations do not have to hear this sort of lies, that is following procedure and there is funds now under RM60 billion Eco Stimulus Plan.

    They do not need the endure a fellow Dayak humiliating them in Public saying Dayak Lack Smartness.

  4. Dick, I apologise for not approving your comment. (on second thoughts, I should approve it otherwise you will not be seen as telling that I am a stupid person)

    No matter how stupid I am, I am still a registered voter. As a voter, I need to know your justification on how you will look after us as a rakyat, if you took over from the BN.

    We won’t mind to vote for the opposition if we see the practicality of your approach.

    Are the opposition telling us to vote blindly for them? Probably it is high time they change their mode of campaigning – maybe a small presentation using your high tech gadgets of overhead projectors, etc.

    Anyway, why would I vote for someone who says I am stupid! LOL

    May God bless you with kindness.

  5. Dick is just as stupid, if not more. You need for the opposition to strike fear into the BN so they’ll feel the pressure to perform better. Without those guys, then the “garment” will do (and not do) what they like and when they like, with no real pressure from any side, and completely neglecting the citizens.

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