Increasing the ability of Bumiputera SME workshop

We always hear this phrases from a few of our Iban friends.

Perintah enda nulung kitai bedagang” and “Perintah enda meri peluang ngagai kitai bedagang” and “pedis amat minta duit ari bank kena bedagang

To the Ibans who are interested to enter into business, and for those who have replied me by saying that “what is RM3k micro financing, kena meli sengkilu pan enda cukup“, then this workshop may be the right one for you.


It is high time that we attend this kind of workshop and to reveiw our own business and self-capability. Can our business meet the minimum requirement set by this finance institutions?

To the new entreprenuers, this is the workshop where you can ask as much questions as possible on how to finance your business in future, and what you need to do first before knocking on their doors. would like to thank DCCI and Cr. Kilat Beriak on their initiative to bring this workshop to the Dayak and especially to the Iban community of financing opportunity offered by the various bodies.

For new SME owners, I recommend that you bring your 6-months latest bank statement to the workshop. It will be easier for the officers to advise you, once they see your bank statements. Copies of current and future contracts or letter of award/intent are most welcome, too.

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