Getting to know YB Mussem


A day after nomination, I had the best opportunity to talk to Malcolm. He was in Kuching and he invited me for breakfast – bak kut teh somewhere at Fortune Land, then pick up his potrait photo from Jackie Studio, especially for, then luncheer (you know lah, lunch with the beer) at one restaurant somewhere at the Kuching ‘twin’ tower.

UK: So, bro, how does it feel to be a candidate?

MML: A little nervous la, bro. Its an election. But I am ready to serve the people. I will serve those who voted for me as well as those who go against me. Nadai beciping nya bader.

UK: Amat, nya brader.. After all, they are all the voters of Batang Ai. Ok, bro. What is the first thing that you will do, if lah, enti mih, you win the by-election.

MML: I think Batang Ai needs one or more Pusat Khidmat Masyarakat.

UK: Betul, nya buss. Iban areas (not only Batang Ai) need a lot of this centres. Not only centres, but centres manned by capable people. These people need to know how to use the typewriter (in case PC broke down), government-styled letter writing (need to use the correct terms and protocol), knows how to use email, surf the Internet, use digital camera and video cam, and most importantly taking notes. Ya.. ngerikut penusah, pengerami ke di bai rakyat. So, how many centres are you going to set up?

MML: At least four main areas need service centres. And, I agree with you. This centres must be manned by people who can use those tools and to send immediate updates and reports to me, so that I can attend to it immediately. Cheers bro, .. come come.. makai sayur tua. I have not be eating since nomination. (Phone beep.. and it continuously beeping. He did mentioned from who, but I was not paying attention.. heheheee.. tasty steamed fish infront of me).

UK: Don’t forget to invite me for the small opening ceremony of this centres, ahhh.

MML: Small matter nya, brader. I just hope you are free to come. James, you must understand this. Besides agreeing to be the candidate, and with my years of government administrative experience, I’m confident that I can bring positive changes to Batang Ai. It doesn’t matter which area, ka nya area Barisan or area bala opposition, I will service them all, enda milih bansa, rumah panjai tauka parti. Pemansang sigi patut di beri ngagai sida magang. They are my people.

UK: Ride on.. buss. Nya utai ke ka di dinga aku. And, if you have that in mind, I am sure, you are on your correct path to the new Dewan. Ni nemu, nuan will be the first ADUN to be sworn-in at the new Dewan.. stidi nya brader.. dewan baru, YB baru, and cara ngemansang ke rakyat ngena adat baru (change we must, but BN way lahh).

MML: Cheers, brader.. we need to rush to Batang Ai. The SUPP leaders are joining me for a campaign to the Chinese temple this evening.

UK: Cheers and thank you for the luncheer. Good luck in your campaign. Don’t forget the chocolate, you may need it for extra energy.

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  1. Papung, we pray that God will give him the wisdom to serve not only the people of Batang Ai, but, Sarawak in general.

  2. Ni RM80 Juta projek deh, kemaya ka ngaga? Very soon? How soon? By the way, tiang internet duluk gaga ba LA awak ke nyamai surf blog ari LA.

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