Congratulations to Dato Sri' Najib on being appointed as 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia


Extract from 1Malaysia:
In a matter of hours, before the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, I will make the same commitment to Malaysia as my esteemed predecessors. I am fully committed to the responsibilities and challenges inherent in that oath. I will accept it with utmost humility and will meet them to the best of my abilities. Together, we will ensure that Malaysia emerges a stronger, more unified, and prosperous nation.

And here is a screenshot of my first comment to Dato Sri’ Najib, posted on my capacity as a blogger who wishes to see more BN representatives personalising their communication method to the rakyat.


To keep in touch with the Prime Minister directly, go to 1Malaysia today!

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  1. When Najib finally raise his hand to take Oath, it fulfil the final part of the RAHMAN’s prophecy of which his name fit (almost) into the last part.

    The theory surfaced in the mid-eighties during the reign of Mahathir. When Musa Hitam was discarded as DPM, the political writers forecasted that the next DPM will be the one whose name begin with “A” in order to fit into the succession order of (R)ahman, (A)bdul Razak, (H)ussien, (M)ahathir. Thus we have Abdul Gaffar, Anwar and finally Andullah.

    To ensure that the Nujum was followed, during the last few UMNO elections the top 2 posts was left uncontested. Abdullah Badawi & Najib was not challenged for that post.

    Of course Najib knew about this too and should be prepared long time ago for this hour.

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