Banana Leaf Rice Cafe & Restaurant


Are you looking for Indian cuisine in Miri? The newly opened Banana Leaf Rice Cafe & Restaurant may be a place you need to check out. Owned by a young Chinese, whose mom is from West Malaysia, the cook was directly brought in from India (said the owner’s mom to

Interior design


The restaurant has the typical Sarawakian ethnic design and rattan mattress filled up the spaces of their walls. You won’t feel the Indian feeling, but the atmosphere is welcoming – at least for first time visitor to Miri, and Sarawak in general.

The food

Since we were the first customer for the day, and the area had water supply problem earlier, we were not able to try their signature dish – the waitress term it as Set Rice (hmmm.. probably they need to use more Indian term to catch our attention and wanting to try it.)


Side dish #1 – mutton (no name given for this menu)


Side dish #2 – Curry fish. The fish was fresh and delicious.


Side dish #1 – Chicken curry. The kitchen need to make sure the chicken is really defrosted.

Overall, I would rate it 3 out of 5 stars. A lot more to improve especially on customer service. Probably the restaurant need to switch to self service counter instead. Please add a little garnishing to the plain rice. Its too plain for a big plate.

The lunch cost us RM21.00 (for 3 pax).


Will I make a come back?
For that price, I will rather stick to the Indian corner at Ming Cafe, where the curry is thicker. However, for first timer to Miri, I will definitely bring them here for the ample car park! Why? Aiyaaa.. other place, how to find quick parking space for a limited lunch hour… heheheee


Banana Leaf Rice Cafe & Restaurant
Lot 1396 Ground Floor
Centre Point II, Jalan Kubu
98000 Miri

Opening hours: 11am – 11pm

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  1. Ayoyoyo…my favourite…dont worrie about the price, just bring me there! And it will be on me…. psst..they take VISA or Mastercard?

  2. Went there twice. The restaurant just behind my office, within walking distance.

    Same complaint here, the curry a bit too ‘cair’. Too bland, too watery making the taste not so oommph!

    Customer service needs to be improved, definitely.

  3. Maybe the Chinese owner’s taste is different, nyangka iya enda entu rindu utai berkari pedas.

    You guys ordered 2 drinks only kah, siko enda ngirup pia.

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