Abundant water filled up homes in Miri


Sarawak is water-rich; there is no doubt about it. – Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, CM of Sarawak. However, yesterday’s excessive water was uncalled for! True enough!! It filled up our homes yesterday evening.

It was a contrast to Borneo Post front page article.. Now’s its Keep Miri Flood-free TOO!

Piasau Jaya’s worst flash flood

Yesterday’s rain gave Miri its worst flash flood in 25 years. My parent’s home was under 2 feet (front and back yard) of water. The bedrooms and living room is under one foot of water.



An immediate response from YB Andy Chia posted at my Facebook at 22:46pm on 12 April 2009.

Yes, I visited a few houses at Piasau Jaya to assess the situation around 7 pm…one resident said that he had not seen flash flood like that since moving into Piasau Jaya about 25 yrs ago. Weather man said that more than 50 mm of rainfall between 5pm and 7 pm [ 2 hours] in Miri today. A typical monthly rainfall for April is around 200mm. So you can imagine how heavy the rain was. Nevertheless, the relevant agencies will study to see what went wrong. We really feel sorry for houses affected.

YB Andy, ya.. we were among the first families to move to Piasau Jaya 25 years ago. And, indeed, last night flash flood was the worst.

1. The ex-mayor once asked us to build bund or dike on our doors to stop flash flood water from entering our homes! What a ridiculous idea! We later suggested to the City Council that they need to dig our drains (since it has not been …¬† cleared properly for ages – that was during that time, today, its being maintained at a regular interval).

2. We need more monsoon drain (or better termed as LARGER drain to provide efficient drainage system to more housing areas in Miri). The large drain along Miri-Pujut road (the road) is our alarm system. When the large drain is full, Piasau drains will be filled up. When it overflowed to the grass, Piasau back yard will be flooded. And when it overflow to the road, some homes will be filled up with flash flood. When it overflowed to more than 30% of the road, Piasau homes will experience the worst flash flood in its history.

I won’t be surprised if Permy Jaya is experiencing flash flood since that area is just less than a meter above sea level.

The only consolation for yesterday’s flash flood – it is less muddy.

A wet welcome for new Miri Resident

It is certainly a wet farewell for Datu Ose Murang who will be transferred to Kuching and a wet welcome for Miri’s new Resident – Dr. Ngenang Janggu.

Personally, I must congratulate Datu Ose for being the best Resident that Miri ever had. This man is so people-oriented and is approachable. He have performed well in many areas especially during disaster time. Heck.. he does read his email LOL..


For the new Resident, we look forward to communicate with you via email (please send us a Read notification!) and please do something about Resident Office website! It has been under construction for ages! Gheeeeeeeee.. and talking about government blogs, facebook, YouTube, etc.. alamak! Datuk Seri Najib is far far far far ahead of you guys!

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  1. Those people in power think that they are smart- the changed the course of the river mouth and this definitely alter the river flow. Why now flooded but not before before the river mouth was moved???

    Same fenomena happened to Johore- flooded after Singapore started to reclaimed their beachfront thus raising the land in those area.

    Kuching also flooded because the floodgate stop the flow of sediment to the sea thus get accumulated along the river beds thus shallowing the entire river. Commonsense but that is development!!!!

  2. Batang Ai Dam water level was at Level III alert – the highest form of alert. Beyond that it would have meant flooding.

  3. Response from YB Andy Chia

    What we can confirm is that we had an abnormally heavy downpour for 2 hours on Sunday. I have just received the official record from DID office where the rainfall was read in its office in Piasau Ind Estate:
    1600-1700 53.5mm; 1700-1800 79.5mm.

    Apparently, the rainfall in the Krokop and Pujut/Piasau area was much higher than elsewhere in Miri. The Airport rainfall reading for the same 2 hours was 50+mm.
    The total monthly rainfall for January this year when there was rain on 27 out of 31 days was just over 900mm. This gives you an indication of how heavy the rain was during the 2 hours.

    The king Tide peak at around 2 pm that same day.

    The drainage had served us well in bad January despite all those rain. Miri was one of the few places that did not suffer much flood in Jan. But why it failed us on Sunday? That is the question I am asking. As a non engineer, I feel that it was the abnormal rainfall plus the king tide that had caused the problem. Of course, there might be some drain blockage in a few places. This doesn’t explain the flash flood covering a large area of Miri. Incidentally, the monsoon drain next to Kampung Lereng Bukit [Feb landslide zone, remember?] was all clogged up with sand washed down from the landslide slope. The DID will arrange to clear up the sand possibly today.

    When we asked the Engineers about planning drainage for extreme weather, they said that it was normal not to plan infrastructure for extreme weather to be cost effective and cost efficient. They would rather let the ringgit [ & so sorry, limited RM ] covered more area than spend on events that happen once in say 100 years, unless they had unlimited budget. Does this sound logical? [I hear your thoughts…..no corruptions, better delivery system by the civil service, & then better utilisation of public money; or & yes, no increase in taxes to raise more gov’t funds].

    The world is different now. The Earth changes. Climate change. Global warming. Carbon emission. Human beings [ I wouldn’t say ‘men’ as there are many ladies in our chat group] have created these problems through years of selfish greed. Human beings have to stand up to make changes before it is too late for our next generation. We all have a part to play. [ & of course engineers have to take this into account for future drainage plans, etc].

    touch wood……no more 130mm of rain in 2 hours + king tide for the next 100 years…

    Cheers & TQ all for your feedback on this topic.

    Andy Chia

  4. Uchu,

    I agree with you on the monsoon drain. Promin Jaya is also having this problem. The drain ” nadai bisi berjalai ai…the drain is not being maintain.I remember sometimes in Feb or March when there was so much rain in Miri, I and my mum didn’t sleep coz we worried that rumah kena masuk air..haha.
    Flood aside now the road at Promin Jaya.I did write to the council about the road. They came and did something abt it( tampal here and there) and now the road worst then b4…more potholes…will upload the photos if u allow me..

  5. Clearing clogged drains is peanut ffor the authorities if they wish to. What is that when compared to constructing the ‘white elephent-Miri port’ which cost them almost 400 million and that this port can’t be used by deep sea vessels. They are talking about as much $$$ to deepen the Baram river mouth to make it accesseble to bigger ships.

    Development , is it UK?

  6. UK, to laymen like you and I, it is a bad investment. But to those who directly benefited from the construction it is goldmine.The port is now empty and is only used by Shin Yang to bring in its goods- probably goods sold in Boulevard Hypermarket. Could be why some goods sold in that hypermarket is cheaper compared to other places in Miri.

    It is a total waste of taxpayers’ $$$ if they plan to dredge the river mouth to make the port accessible to bigger ships. That $$$ can be better use for other purposes, e.g upgrading or tar seal the road to the interior, to your area to Lapok so as to lessen the peoples’ burden of having to go through bumpy and muddy roads daily plying between Miri and Lapok.

    Since you did mention about asking YBs in your area, probably one question you can ask your YB, Lihan Jok, about his announcement sometime ago regarding the RM150 million approved budget to upgrade Miri-Lapok road. Padah ngagai iya anang nganti by-election baru mai pika, lipan baru belaboh ngaga, after all according to him the budget is already approved.

    The relocation of Miri port to where ever it is going to be will be another white elephant. The rate charged by state ports are extremely high compared to federal ports. For this reasons most of containers bound for Northern Sarawak disembark at Bintulu port which are much cheaper and then transported by land to Miri. Ari ke relocate Miri port nya manah agi $$$ nya dikena ngaga utai bukai ke beguna agi ngagai rayat ke miskin di menua kitai ditu.

    TQ ka muai aus ngagai Latong cafe, bisi ari for a glass or two???

  7. Papung, LOL.. when we discuss about development and the problems we faced as a rakyat, I think it is better to have a glass or two of iced lemon tea.

    Latong Cafe? Hmmm.. lama udah enda niki kia. Since quitting smoking four years ago, I am better seated at open air like the New Tanjong Seafood. They do served iced chinese tea there ;)

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