The Star: Wrong photo for the wrong purpose

Mr. Stephen Then, if you writing about our annual Gawai Festival and wishes to invite the whole world to come and experience the rich culture of the Ibans, we welcome you with our warm hospitality and we will dress up in our traditional costumes like the one you publish (pic above).

However, why did you use that photo together with your writings “Veteran: Polling date favours BN” in The Star dated 6th March?

Why do you need to use that photo to write about Iban politics and the coming Batang Ai by-election. I ask you this question – do we dress like that everyday?

You are giving an impression to the whole world that the Ibans are way backward. Wassup with the skull? So, you think we still go around and kill people for their skull? Heii brother, it is not Gawai yet lahh! Even during Gawai we do not simply put those skull where ever we like.

I urge you to go to all the Iban longhouses and write about us again and to give the correct report for all to read.

Read what the Dayaks are saying about this article published by the Star. Maybe Stephen should follow the Wilson Phua’s step and make an open apology to the Ibans.

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  1. I am, surprisingly offended. He shows that;
    1. the Ibans are easy-to-manipulate fellas,
    2. Easy work for BN,
    3. His own lack of research,
    4. Saja2 mau provoke.

    Juz my piece of mind. ;)

  2. I knew that guy,very well known of reporting false or misleading report/news in the paper.

  3. It is possible it might’ve been also the editor / layout artist’s decision to use that picture. Say a thought though.

    And yeah, I’d like to see the author / editor / newspaper make a correct and an apology.

  4. I must’ve been real tired when I wrote that.

    I meant “Just a thought” and “make a correction and apologize”.

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