The farmer vs. Unemployed


Its official.. Jawah Gerang (PKR) will contest against Malcom Mussen (BN) for the DUN seat of Batang Ai.


Johnny Chuat decided not to submit his nomination as reported yesterday by SarawakUpdate. Johnny pledge his support to the PKR candidate.


A section of the Pakatan Rakyat supporters. A ground observer said that the supporters are mostly from outside Batang Ai.


Edwin (second from right) with his crew from the PRS Youth Wing.


Good luck to both the Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat.. May the best campaigner win! Of course under the eyes of Peter John, who leads the MAFREL team.

0 thoughts on “The farmer vs. Unemployed”

  1. lama amat ka upload gambar jang. uji downsize ka. keep up the good work! more photos please!

  2. Haha, so many differing views on where the penyokong-penyokong come from. BN friendly blogs say one thing, PR friendly blogs say another.

    Who to believe actually? Well, it just depends on individual politics I guess and what he readers want to read..haha

  3. Kah…kah….kah, I know the guy “second from the right”. Endang sigi RAUH RAUH uchak nya. Muru orang di Sebangki pan ia nya meh suba. A typical BN supporter. Supporter of “money politics”. And sadly, he doesn’t care about other people. HE ONLY CARES FOR HIS OWN POCKET. Pembelot bangsa Iban!!!!!!!!!

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