Possible battle among friends in Batang Ai

Johnny Chuat

Yesterday Sarawak Update and Berita Kitai posted the latest possible candidate for the coming Batang Ai by-election.

According to my SMS interview with Johnny Chuat, he may be a possible independent candidate and having 2,000 supporters behind him. Now that constitutes to 25% of the electorate. He have not reveal his election agenda yet, but I believe he can be an option to the fence sitters and voters who neither support the BN or Pakatan Rakyat.

Being a graduate in journalism and communications, he met the minimum criteria to be a Dayak rep. During the last few elections, the voters have raised their concern that the rep must be highly educated.

Being the owner of a magazine and a portal, Johnny may become a good “transporter” – to bridge the communication gap between the people and the Dewan (where development matters are being discussed). He could bring in the ICT development to the interior of Batang Ai and get the people connected to the outside world, who knows.

The stake is high on him and all the possible consequences need to be addressed before he submit his nomination form this 29th March.


Three friends

Johnny can be the option to Pakatan Rakyat’s recycled candidates woes. To date, if Johnny is to go for election, it will be a fight among friends. Johnny is closed to the campaigners in Pakatan Rakyat and a friend to Mossem and his campaigners. Johnny may be facing another potential candidate who is also his friend – John Linang.

John Linang, owner of Gua Longhouse with DP Jabu.

Linang claimed to have the support of over 60 longhouses in Batang Ai and has not given up hope (to be endorsed as BN candidate) despite the announcement by Dato Sri James Masing. Until, our Prime Minister make the final announcement, we will then see where Linang is heading. My honest opinion, he should join hands with Mossem to retain Batang Ai as one of BN’s power house. BN will not negotiate anymore for candidacy since Mossem has been making his rounds and being introduced to the people in Batang Ai by the Sarawak BN leaders.

Voters are friends too

How would the voters (who are also friends to this candidates) react? We have seen bloggers going to Parliament. And, will we see an Internet portal owner goes to Dewan Undangan Negeri and blog his experience there.

It will be a battle of who makes a better friend and servicing the relatives will be the winner. Of course the development shall tagged better on BN side.

We shall know on 7th April.

Malaysiakini reports:

It is learnt that the PKR leadership will wait till the last minute to name the candidate as a matter of strategy. Two names shortlisted by the party are Nicholas Bawin, chairperson of the Lubok Antu PKR division and Lubok Antu’s former five-term MP Jawah Gerang.

Bersih reports:

ban magazine publisher joins Batang Ai rasa as independent

SIBU, March 20 — A third candidate— an independent — has put himself as a candidate for the Batang Ai by-election on April 7.

A publisher of a well known Iban cultural, educational and entertainment magazine, and who has his own portal, Johnny Chuat has thrown his hat into the state seat race.

The Star reports:

IBAN magazine publisher joins Batang Ai race
SIBU: The publisher of a well known Iban cultural, educational and entertainment magazine and who has his own portal, is set to join the race for the Batang Ai by-election on April 7.

0 thoughts on “Possible battle among friends in Batang Ai”

  1. Enti PKR or BN milih Johnny nyadi candidate…..besai potensi. Nadai jalai Mossen or Bawin nya!!

  2. That’s democracy !

    The things the most people forget is that if BN delivered and fulfilled their promises – I bet this won’t happen. Now people are just frustrated !

    The bad part is that kitai belaya diri sebilik, while Yang Dikasihi laughing all the way to the bank. It’s the same old story again.

    Bala kitai ba Batang Ai – well, the best they’ll get is few perks, like atap zink, enjin api, or may be surat tanah, which should be given to them long time ago, may be before I was born! It’s sad but that’s the fact !

  3. Kaban Menyadi,

    All the candidates are good choice. But the question is can they free us from our physical and mental slavery?????

    BN- for more than 45 years have been proven
    does very little for our people.

    Independence – most likely will be manipulated
    by BN.

    PKR – rules 5 states in Malaysia and have
    shows that they are serious to up grade
    the people’s welfare.

    Anyway, at the moment, please don’t be too fuzzy with the candidate. If we want CHANGES for our people , vote for PKR. This is our alternative to fulfill our dream :THE INDEPENDENCE OF IBAN PEOPLE.

    Tu meh maia bansa Iban ulih ngelepas ke diri ari pemerinsa enggau penyuntuk ti udah diasai kitai Iban ari tubuh aki ini kitai kelia.

    For several decades our so called “Sarawakian Iban leaders” were given MANDATES by the IBAN people to “CARE” for the Iban but sorry to say THEY DIDN’T DELIVER. Of course I don’t deny that Iban people are more developed compare to our previoes generation. However, the question is, don’t we DESERVE more than what we have now????? EQUALITY in JOBS, EDUCATION, RIGHTS, LANDS etc ??????

    Now, why is this happening???????

    All Iban YBs under BN were easily MANIPULATED by OUR OWN Iban leaders who was mastermind by Buban. In order to RULE Sarawak, BN is using BREAK and RULE tactics. Therefore, as long as BN UMNO rules Malaysia, the Iban people will always be left behind. This have been proven for more than 4 decades and that is a very long duration.

    Now, the question is why should we vote for PKR; a parti originated from West Malaysia???Isn’t UMNO a parti from Semenanjung ???

    At the present moment, UMNO is the achitecture of ‘CORRUPTION” in BN coalition parties. The practice of CORRUPTION have already INFECTED BN Sarawak. So, do you still believe that BN will defend the RIGHT of the IBAN people???

    What about “maruah” [dignity] of the Iban people ????? Based on my observation, the people who have NO DIGNITY are BN supporters and leaders. They have lost their dignity a long time ago. Most BN supporters and leaders were busy cheating, manipulating, instigating our own race WITHOUT considering their INTEREST and WELFARE.

    So Kaban, if you really want to SEE Iban people to excel and respected by other races, the ALTERNATIVE is PKR. It doesn’t matter if PKR cannot perform within 5 years after PKR win this election.

    It is understood that PKR cannot perform due to several known factors now BUT this is the FIRST STEP TOWARD THE INDEPENDENCE OF IBAN PEOPLE. A thousand miles journey begins with a single step.

    So 5 years is nothing compare to 45 years, don’t do agree????

    May God Bless our People Always.

  4. Taja pan agi kelia kitai iban tebilang berani lalu sigi di ketakut ke bansa bukai,tang taja bakanya kitai iban ke nyadi alat bansa orang bukai dikena sida ngulih ka juluk ati sida.Agi kelia raja orang putih pun ngena bansa iban ga ngalah ke bansa Iban,diatu pun kitai mega di kena orang ngabis ke harta tanah menua kitai empu,Iban semina jadi alat orang tertentu.Nama kebuah bansa Iban enda dani,malik meh ngagai bansa bukai,tanya diri empu, sama ke kitai enggau bansa bukai ba semua hal baik pemansang tau ke pemandai,kitai amat lama endar ga udah nyadi orang manah enggau printah BN enda patut ketegal sekalitu kitai nyukong PKR lalu ngasuh kitai jai,ngetu dulu nulong Taib ila nulong iya baru enti bisi peluang agi.

  5. nadai orang ka ka bangsa german mosseem nya,enti enggai ngundi Chuat, Jawah ga undi amat meh nya orang kitai ti di karap.
    apai migul.com

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