Positional battle of Batang Ai bridge

The PKR camp are going to control the only bridge crossing Batang Ai tomorrow. Looking at the location of the nomination centre, BN’s operation room, Mossem’s supporters assembly point and the kedai kopi (where we blog).. we are going to witness a massive bottleneck at the Batang Ai bridge tomorrow as early as 6am.

Advise to supporters who are arriving late, please park along the JKR quarters and walk over to Lubok Antu bazaar.

UchuKeling.com have also contact the local council to ensure that good hygiene standard and proper food handling by the local coffee shop owners in Lubok Antu.

It will paint a bad image on Lubok Antu if an outbreak of food poisoning occurs. We are also advise to pump our petrol in Sri Aman, Betong or Saratok to avoid shortage of petrol in Lubok Antu.

More reports from Batang Ai to follow.

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