Pehin Sri changed his mind?


The Broken Shield reported an unconfirmed source that the PRS sole nominated candidate has been rejected by Pehin Sri Taib.

Anything can be written and anything can happen. To my knowledge, there is no such thing unless the source had a quiet nap with Pehin Sri, sharing a common room.

Hmm… it looks like the other corner is running out of steam even before the nomination day arrive. And, this is not good for a by-election. We want to see a good fight and the punters are ready. By the way I look at it, ex-YB Jawah will not be standing in this by-election. Thank you, sir. You’ve made the correct decision.

Until the announcement is made, my opinion on the Batang Ai candidacy remain status quo.

So people, it is still Mussem vs. UNKNOWN in Batang Ai. Or, uncontested!

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