Eve of Batang Ai by-election nomination day


We arrived in Sri Aman at 3 pm today. The town was a little busy with supporters from the Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat coming from other towns and some from West Malaysia. Malaysiakini reported that there’ll be 10,000 supporters sending their respective candidate tomorrow. If this is true, we will see a bottle neck at Batang Ai bridge.

Here are some shots of my visit to Sri Aman.


We managed to get a room at Mega Inn. Most of the hotels and inns are fulled. While a Mega Inn, I bumped into YB Gabriel Adit and other PKR supporters (didn’t get them on photo, tho’).


A quick late lunch at a Malay restaurant below Mega Inn. Fried rice with egg (RM4.50).


After the late lunch, we drive over to Lubok Antu and met YB Tuan Jelaing Mersat and Cr. Kilat Beriak. UchuKeling.com was quick to ask on the recent announcement by his boss.

Look who is here! Maxwell Franklin is also in Lubok Antu to give his moral support to a candidate.


More report on my Facebook tomorrow, where I will give a live microblog via Facebook.

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