Mussen is the BN candidate

Borneo Post, 21 March 2009

The Prime Minister has endorsed Malcolm Mussen Lamoh, 49, as the Barisan Nasional candidate for the N.29 Batang Ai by-election yesterday.

We may see a three corner fight in the by-election. PEGARI publisher, Johnny Chuat has indicated that he may be contesting and members of his portal has made the announcement to recruit volunteers to assist him in his campaign. I see Johnny as a major threat to Pakatan Rakyat because he will be seen as a more suitable candidate to champion the Ibans in Batang Ai. He is young and energetic. He is also a close friends to the Pakatan Rakyat’s campaigners, too. Good luck, kaban! You know you can deliver better than the PR candidate.

Pakatan Rakyat endorses Jawah Gerang

Jawah Gerang

The Broken Shield reported that PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim is expected to officially announce Jawah as the candidate at his longhouse at Sayat, Lubok Antu on Sunday, 22 March.

I give my salute to uncle Edwin Dundang for not fielding SNAP candidate in this by-election.

Dayaks in full gear

MIRI: Sarawak Opposition parties are roping in native landowners from all over the state to be in Batang Ai with Opposition leaders on their campaign trails.

The Star learnt that the Opposition leaders at district and sub-district levels had organised meetings with the natives who were unhappy with the government because of disputes over land rights. Most of them are embroiled in native customary land ownership disputes with state development agencies and private consortiums that are involved in logging, oil palm plan­tations and hydroelectric dam construction.

The landowners comprise Ibans, Kayans, Kenyahs and Penans.

Recently, some of them from Ulu Baram came to Miri and held a gathering to discuss their trip to Batang Ai. A former councillor was among them.

“We want to share our problems with the people of Batang Ai because we know that they are also facing similar problems,” one in the group said.

Asked who was sponsoring their trip, he said there were “many sympathisers” who were willing to help them.

Asked if any particular towkay (businessman) was one of them, he said: “There are many towkay who are already on the side of the Opposition.”

Apparently the Ulu Baram group will be joined by others from Niah, Bakun, Belaga, Kapit, Sarikei, Sri Aman, Serian and places near Batang Ai.

Uchu Keling says: Barisan Nasional will be facing a tough fight with Jawah Gerang and considers Johnny Chuat as merely testing his popularity in Batang Ai and in Lemanak specifically.

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    BE informed that the protem committee of Dayaks Bloggers Association will meet on Tuesday, 3rd March 2009 to unveil 10 Dahlil why PKR leaders shouldn’t nominate Nicholas Bawin and/or why Batang Ai voters should reject him.

    Venue: A-One, BDC, Kuching
    Date : Tuesday, 3rd March 2009.
    Time: 2.30pm

    All are welcome !


    The above announcement was posted almost in all Dayaks Blogs on 1st March 2009. Not many then take heeds of the intended objective.And today Dayaks Bloggers Association is pleased to announce that PKR leadership has finally agreed to endorse Jawah Gerang candidacy, as PKR flag bearer for Batang Ai. Special thanks to Singh is the King, Miss Kepayang, low IQ and other lobbying & pressure groups who managed to convience DSAI that Jawah is the best, with that now the rating improved to 55-45 in favour of PKR.

    Just spoke to YB, he is inviting Dayak Bloggers and readers to come to his Sayat longhouse for the official announcement this Sunday.

    Miss Kepayang can now sleep well….mission accomplished!

  2. whatever it takes bn/umno morons and goons should be erased from batang ai.wish could be there to help support the pple of batang ai but dont know how to get there,but we will start here for lawan tetap lawan.

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