Educational Talk for rural Ibans


Last Saturday (14 March) we held an educational talk for the residents of Cr. Selan ak Undau longhouse at Sepupok, Niah. The talk was facilitated by members of, who invited speakers from the Dayak Association Miri, Malaysian Palm Oil Board and the Special Studies Group. The event was supported by members from and PEGARI Iban Production.

We would like to thank the speakers; Mr. Alexander Isut (President, Dayak Association Miri), Mr. Martin Entamin (Vice President, DAM), Mr. Elluson Ludan (Secretary-General, DAM), Mr. Seli Mohamat (MPOB Miri), and Mr. Mathew Benson (Headmaster, SK Lutong).

The talk was the first one ever organise by any NGO at the longhouse and was an eye opener to its residents especially the students and parents.

Here are some of the photos that I took during the event.


Mr. Mathew Benson motivating the students.


Earlier, Mr. Martin Entamin lead the talk with his Wawasan 2020.


Mr. Alexander Isut delivering his talk – Savings for Education.


A section of the parents listening to Mr. Elluson Ludan.


Mr. Elluson Ludan delivering “Roles of Parent in Promoting Education”.


Mr. Seli Mohamat from MPOB delivering – Career in the Palm Oil Industry.


A word of thanks from the village head, Cr. Selan ak Undau.


Closing speech by Penghulu Bau.


Souvenir for the speakers.


PEGARI Iban Production donated some reading material for the longhouse’s library.


We also managed to visit Cikgu Juan’s longhouse and met the father of Micheal Nangkai, who is currently with Shell in Houston, Texas. Micheal’s dad was selected as the Model Parent of the Year for Miri Division in 2007.


Thank you to all the residents of Rh. Cr. Selan for the warm hospitality.

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  1. Note: I did saw some familiar faces during political dinners who dropped by. Probably they are checking if this event was politically motivated.

    Well, they were wrong. Sorry!

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