Clear conscience

I received a lot of SMSes regarding this programme yesterday. In the midst of sending my withdrawal from being in the committee of various function, I received more emails and messages in respond to my intention to stop writing about how I view the political situation in Sarawak, and recently, the movement prior to the N.29 Batang Ai by-election.

After getting views from close friends who share my interest in writing our views through blogs, I decided to continue my no.1 hobby – sharing my views.

To those who have given me harsh comments through my postings, I will not be “killed” by your views because I have a clear conscience. By stopping me, only the handful of you are happy while many others are dissappointed. So, I am here to stay. However, I will strictly moderate your comments. And those that I feel is not worth to be shared with the others shall not be approved and will be deleted. Why would I want to approve destructive and negative comments that is worthless to my readers.

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  1. Dear Brother,

    Sorry for any harsh comment. There are 2 side of a coin. Same goes to any opinion and view. This is pure democracy and freedom of speech. The world wide web is beyond border and its going to be the new media(it is now!) as newspaper and mainstream has become one sided.

    Take care and may your conscience is always clear.


  2. Hi ! Great posting – Thanks for putting this here for us to see. The video showed just the tip of the ice berg.

  3. UK, people are very-very frustrated & they have no mean to vent it out before this. Thanks to you. I hope you understand this. We all fight for the same cause – we must remember that !

    I agree 100% with you about the nature of kitai Iban – but at the same time we must acknowledge that at the same time other races are taking advantage of our noble quality ! And thus it call for different approaches and change in mind set. We definitely can’t let only our Iban leaders to determine the fate of our future generation !

  4. Great to hear that you are back up and running. Its kinda wierd that some people who gives harsh comments do not wish to reveal themselves or link themselves. If these are the quality commentors that are born due to internet technology, berani meri komen tang agi ka belalai. Ko pepatah melayu, menyembunyi tangan yang melontar batu. Meeting up in Batang Ai then?

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